Citizen Sleeper: Every NPC Ranked

As you struggle to keep your synthetic body alive aboard Erlin's Eye, you'll run into a colorful cast of characters all looking to scrape by in Citizen Sleeper's sci-fi dystopia. The more you spend time with and perform tasks for the various denizens of The Eye you'll learn about their pasts, uncover dark secrets, and form unexpected bonds with them as their stories tie into your own in ways you might not expect.

From mercenaries to gangsters, a father-daughter pair, and even a sentient vending machine; this expansive cast of complex (and very well-written) characters will be your constant companions from beginning to end. So, it's only natural that some will leave more of an impact than others.

11 Riko The Botanist

Riko's storyline is great and the reward you get for completing her quest is nothing to sneeze at, allowing you to make your own stabilizer and easing the financial burden of staying alive. However, you're likely to encounter her later in your playthrough if you aren't actively seeking her from the beginning.

To reach Riko you'll need to pass two toll sites, meaning you'll need to cough up 210 Cryo, which is fairly steep given the other financial strains the game will place on you. If you want to experience your story in full, you'll have to potentially put other questlines you're pursuing on the backburner — something that can be fairly difficult in the game's latter stages when working under a time limit.

10 Ethan The Bounty Hunter

You'll run into Ethan fairly early on as he's the hunter dispatched by the Mega-Corporation whose service you escaped to bring you back dead or alive. Ethan's storyline is compelling, painting the mean-spirited hunter in a sympathetic light as you witness his struggle with substance abuse and debt.

However, initially, his violent attitude towards you is a bit offputting. You would be forgiven for leaving him to squander away the rest of his life in the local pub rather than dedicating your limited resources to helping him out.

9 Bliss The Mechanic

You'll find this chipper mechanic floating about in the Hub section of Erlin's Eye. Her storyline is engaging and revolves around trying to recoup the costs of opening a repair bay — it will see you working side by side with her to repair various vessels.

While relatively time-intensive, requiring lengthy waits between jobs on top of the time you'll spend repairing the ships themselves, it does lead to one of the game's several endings, so the investment in her storyline is well worth it. The only thing that might give you pause is the up-front cost of doing business with Bliss, as she'll ask for a 100 Cryo investment from you before letting you begin working.

8 Tala The Distiller

Depending on where you spend your first few cycles, Tala might be one of the first characters you encounter on The Eye. As the proprietor of the local watering hole, she'll come to your defense without a second thought when some of her more rowdy patrons start to hassle you. From there, you'll go from working at the bar to helping the aspiring brewmaster construct her distillery.

Her kindness and upbeat attitude are sure to provide a bit of light to the often oppressive experience of surviving aboard The Eye; seeing her questline through is well worth the effort!

7 Dragos The Salvager

Dragos will be the first character you meet upon waking up at the start of the game. Early on, you'll find most of the tasks available revolve around working in his scrapyard to pay off the debt you owe him. Dragos is a complex character and his questline has several branching paths that can lock you out of fully completing his story.

However, sticking with him all the way through will uncover more about the scrappy salvager and his past, on top of providing you with much-needed Cryo along the way. Under his rough exterior, Dragos really is a kind soul — he did save you after all!

6 Emphis The Food Vendor

Emphis loves a good story and will provide you with delicious fungal concoctions in exchange for tales of your past. Not only will he help you maintain your energy levels throughout the game, but you'll be able to learn more about yourself through the tales you tell him while eating.

He'll send you out on foraging trips to bring him more mushrooms so he can create increasingly complex dishes for you. Who knows, if you tell him a good enough story, perhaps he'll repay you with one of his own.

5 Ankhita The Stranded Mercenary

Ankhita can be found working on repairs for her ship relatively early on in the game. As you earn her trust by assisting with repairs, the musclebound merc will begin to open up to you. Eventually, she'll even wind up enlisting your help in tracking down a mutinous former crewmate.

One thing of note is that you'll require a Shipmind to complete her quest, which is a rare item you'll need to put tons of time and energy into crafting. So if you choose to help out Ankhita, keep in mind you'll likely be cutting yourself off from other questlines that require a Shipmind — unless you're a resource management pro.

4 NeoVend The Vending Machine

Definitely the most striking character design in the game, NeoVend is a sentient program hiding within a vending machine from the Hunter and Killer programs that prowl The Eye's network. A not-so-interesting game would leave NeoVend as a gag character, but Jump Over The Age opt to tell a story that expands on the history of The Eye and the secrets locked within its network.

If you're roleplaying a hacker-type character then NeoVend's questline is a must, as the tasks you'll be assigned will require loads of hacking and will take advantage of your interfacing skills. NeoVend's story is a long one but is well worth the time you'll spend completing it. It even leads to another of the game's many endings!

3 Sabine The Slum Doctor

Sabine is an important character early on, running the clinic where you can purchase the stabilizer that keeps your mechanical body from rejecting itself. As you pay visits to the mysterious doctor, you'll learn more about their past and how they found themselves on The Eye under the "protection" of a local gang.

Following their story through to the end will uncover the secret goings-on of The Eye's underworld — it's worth checking out if you're a fan of games about gangsters. Progressing this quest will also grant you cheaper access to stabilizers (on top of some freebies), so doing so is highly recommended to ease your financial strain.

2 Feng The Engineer

This shady engineer will introduce himself early on, offering to remove the tracker in your head in exchange for your services. What follows is a descent into a winding conspiracy at the heart of Heavenage, the primary faction on The Eye.

As you progress, you'll learn more about Feng, his history, and why uncovering the secrets behind Heavanage's leaders is so important to him. This is a long quest you'll likely be checking in on throughout most of your playthrough. It also transforms Feng into one of the most compelling characters you'll meet on your journey.

1 Lem (And Mina) The Shipyard Worker

You'll encounter Lem and his adopted daughter Mina near the start of the game if you choose to make some extra Cryo working in the Heavenage shipyards. The two of them are down on their luck, hoping to earn an exclusive ticket off The Eye in a new colony ship being constructed to find a brighter future elsewhere.

Their story is often heartbreaking as you watch the two struggle to survive under the oppressive weight of life under a corporation and bear witness to the ways in which capitalism exploits the workers at its base. However, beneath that is a layer of genuine warmth as you begin to find your place within their family unit, helping where you can to make their time on The Eye more bearable. Pursuing this quest will also lead you to one of the game's endings, which is as heartwarming as it is bittersweet, typical for the mood Citizen Sleeper cultivates.

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