Cliffs and Caves Update Includes New Mobs And Biomes

Mojang recently held its Minecraft Live event, which introduced us to the Caves and Cliffs update that introduces new mobs and biomes.

For years, the Minecraft community has been asking for a cave update. Its such a popular demand, in fact, that it nearly became a meme. Mojang’s Agnes Larsson told us that the cave update took so long because it wanted to make sure that it got it right and that it was everything that the community wanted it to be. It wanted to strike the balance between new, exciting and challenging gameplay, while also remaining accessible to all players.

Now, it appears that it has done just that. The update is just under a year away, but it promises to bring players a lot of new content to look forward to. To start, there will be new lush caves to explore that will house their own plants, including a new tree — the azalia tree. Finding these trees will lead you directly to a lush cave, where you’ll find spore blossoms and glow berries. Of course, the update will feature more than one biome, so this is just the first one that we can expect.

There will also be huge underground caverns with their own lakes; stalactites and stalagmites; the neutral axolotl mob and copper ore; a new Redstone block and a new hostile mob — The Warden — and the update might even contain a new dungeon. On the cliff side, we are getting the infamous snowier snow, as well as mountain goats, which will ram you if you get too close to them and can jump up to three blocks high.

In addition, mountain generation will be changed, so that mountains are more dramatic and majestic, with tree lines that feel more realistic and summits that are harder to scale. Of course, all of that is just scratching the surface of what is coming to the 1.17 update. Mojang packed a lot of news into a small window of time. So much so, that it even split the presentation of the Caves and Cliffs update into two parts.

Still, there is a lot more to talk about with the 1.17 updat. There will also be a new inventory management system and new crafting recipes, blocks, light sources, and ores. The live event itself barely mentioned them, giving us just enough to whet our appetites for the next few weeks. Even so, it’s still a lot to chew on.

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