COD: Black Ops-Cold War: All Wildcards And Field Upgrades In The Beta

We’ve only just gotten a small taste of the beta for COD: Black Ops – Cold War, but we have already seen all the wildcards and field upgrades available to try out. There will no doubt be more in the final game, but the ones we’ve seen are all worth learning in order to make the most of your time in the beta. Aside from your primary weapons and perks, wildcards and field upgrades will be the biggest ways you can customize your character and position yourself as the top player in every match. Here are all the wildcards and field upgrades available in the beta.

All Wildcards In The Black Ops – Cold War Beta

Wildcards have been in several COD games, first appearing in Black Ops 2, and last appearing in Black Ops 4. These are essentially passive abilities that you apply to yourself for various buffs that can be combined depending on which combination you pick.

Danger Close

The Danger Close wildcard gives you the ability to take one additional lethal and tactical equipment into a match, along with starting with full ammunition. Take this card if you’re an aggressive player who hates having to fall back because you run out of firepower.


Gunfighter gives you three additional attachment slots for your primary weapon for a total of eight slots. This one is for the player who likes to fully kit out a weapon without having to make any hard choices between multiple good attachments.

Law Breaker

This wildcard removes the restrictions on your secondary weapon to allow you take another primary weapon in this slot. If you feel like taking a pistol or launcher is just a waste of time, Law Breaker can let you make your backup gun be more useful.

Perk Greed

Taking Perk Greed will let you take three extra perks–one red, blue, and yellow–in addition to your normal amount. Who doesn’t love perks, and there’s never any downside to having more if you want more buffs that you don’t even need to think about.

All Field Upgrades In The Black Ops – Cold War Beta

The field upgrade system is a special piece of gear you can activate after a set cooldown time in each match. They all have unique and powerful applications, so choosing the one that best fits both your playstyle and the current game type can swing a match in your favor.

Field Mic

The Field Mic upgrade launches a microphone that will ping any enemy players within range on your mini-map. This is a great upgrade to take along for any objective based game modes where you need to defend specific areas. The recharge time is a bit long at 3:15.


You can probably get a sense of what this one does by the name, but Jammer sends out a blast that disables any active enemy field upgrades, as well as their mini-maps. Even if you don’t know for sure they have a field upgrade going, disabling their mini-maps is a great way to mask your assault or set up an ambush. The wait between uses for Jammer is 2:30.

Proximity Mine

This one is exactly what it says on the label. Activate this upgrade to throw out a proximity mine that will explode if an enemy player or vehicle is unfortunate enough to pass over it. But, be aware that anyone crouch walking won’t trigger it. Place it around corners or in blind spots to surprise them. You get a mine every 2:30.

SAM Turret

If you need to shoot down any pesky aircraft, the SAM Turret is your best option. Trigger it to automatically deploy this turret to take down any enemy air-based killstreaks or helicopters.

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