Cold War Glitch Gives Players Super Jump

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, like any Call of Duty title, has its fair share of glitches and exploits. While this particular glitch is less game-breaking and more entertaining than the infinite stim glitch in Warzone, it is still something that needs to be patched; That’s because Cold War has a glitch that gives players super jump.

There was a time when “super jump” was something that was intended to be in a Call of Duty game. That was the time of exo-suits, space combat, and wall running. Cold War—being set in the 80s—is obviously not that time. This particular glitch requires that an enemy player stands on a specific rock, on a specific map, while you try to use a melee attack on them—and not die.

If you’re a core player, you’re extremely unlikely to actually see this exploit in a real game, because of the enemy player requirement. If you’re a hardcore player you might see it happen, because friendly-fire is turned on in Hardcore mode, making the exploit possible with teammates. Redditor u/itsOBBY shared footage of the glitch in action and to say that it’s difficult to pull off seems to be an understatement.

More often than not, it looks like players were unable to launch themselves in the air, even when they are in a private “match” to test things out. The glitch relies on the game’s melee tracking mechanic, which is supposed to ensure that the butt of your gun actually hits your enemy. In this case, since your enemy is just out of reach, (but not far enough away to prevent a melee attack) the computer launches you in the air in an attempt to fulfill it’s tracking animation.

With the chaos of a real match, it’s unlikely that you’ll see people use this exploit. Of course, when we toss professional players into the mix, it’s more likely that you’ll see this exploit used as a strategy. Practicing moves that require precision is what professionals do, so a team could theoretically pull it off. Although, being stuck in the sky has its own downsides, so perhaps it won’t be used competitively. Either way, until there is a patch, there is a possibility you’ll find flying soldiers in Cold War.

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