Command The Galaxy As CEO Of Your Own Spacefaring Company In Free-To-Play Prosperous Universe

German video game developer Simulogics has announced the Early Access phase for its free-to-play real-time business simulation MMO Prosperous Universe. The game’s Early Access phase is set to begin February 24 and will include a total reset of the game universe, allowing veteran and new players to begin all on the same page.

The Simulogics devs bill Prosperous Universe as “a massively multiplayer economy sandbox simulation in a realistic sci-fi setting played through a customizable expert user interface in your web browser,” according to the press kit. The game’s first public access launched back in December of 2018, and since then has had thousands of players sign up to create and run their own galactic spacefaring business. Prosperous Universe then went free-to-play in 2019, keeping its no-microtransactions promise to its player base.

In Prosperous Universe, you can become the CEO of your very own spacefaring company, by creating, launching, and managing the daily activities of a universal business. Centered on the aspects of producing, trading, transporting, and profiting, you can design your business to engage in numerous fields, including exploration, spaceship design and construction, resource mining, commodities logistics, and many others. The expansive and immersive business sim is based on real-world mechanics and consequences, complete with a player-driven economy with its own currency and stock market.

Prosperous Universe brings this sci-fi sandbox sim to you through a fully customizable expert user interface called the ‘Advanced system for the facilitation of Production and Exchange for the eXodus of mankind’, or simply APEX. This UI is easily accessible in your web browser, can be customized specifically for the type of business you run, and shows you all the game aspects and info you need to operate your own prosperous universe. The Prosperous Universe website has a 10-part text and video training series you can tutorial through at your own pace to get introduced and acquainted with the APEX UI.

The game’s website is where you can sign up to launch your own Prosperous Universe business, and where you can find more info, including a background story section with historical notes, as well as a few details on the factions you’ll encounter and possibly do business with, or against. You can also track more Prosperous Universe info through its Facebook, Twitter, and Discord channels.

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