Counter-Strike: Global Offensive eSports Players Get Four Star Wanted Level As FBI Begin Investigation

Professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are under investigation as the eSports Integrity Commission (ESIC) is now being joined by the FBI as they look into “a relatively small but significant group of players over a long period of time, organizing match-fixing in North American MDL.”

Match-fixing, to be clear, is when players are bribed to throw a match, or pre-ordain which team will win, by betting groups or individual betters. Players don’t tend to do this of their own accord. Think Matt Murdock’s father – a boxer – being paid to take the punches and go down in Daredevil. Now, apply that to eSports gamers.

The ESIC revealed, “To some extent, we’re working with law enforcement and the FBI, who only recently have had a sports betting investigative unit within the FBI. They’re good, but they’re inexperienced because sports betting has never been a big thing in America until recently, so everybody’s kind of finding their feet on that one.”

While this is a problem in the USA, it’s not an issue that is specific to one country. For instance, there is also an investigation ongoing in Australia that began in January after the ESIC sanctioned 35 CS:GO players that breached the Anti-Corruption Code. The commissioner, in that case, revealed that they will likely have something to say in ten days to two weeks, but for now, they can’t reveal any details.

On top of that, Riot Games has even opened its own match-fixing investigation into ex-CS:GO players that are partaking in Valorant’s eSports scene, interviewing those that it believes will come out as part of the ESIC’s anti-corruption investigation. Whatever the case, many are cracking down on these match-rigging professional players, trying to put a stop to fraudulent betting schemes.

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James Troughton is a writer at TheGamer. He’s worked at the Nintendo-based site Switchaboo and newspaper TheCourierOnline and can be found on Twitter @JDTroughton.

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