Cozy Grove Guide: How To Get Tins of Flower Pigment

Cozy Grove is a sweet little life-sim that has you helping out spectral bears, bringing color back to the island you are stranded on, discovering the past of Cozy Grove, and more. Like any life-sim game, it offers a variety of features such as crafting, gathering, fishing, and more.

However, some crafting ingredients are harder to get than others, or the methods to obtain them are a little less clear. Tins of Flower Pigment is one type of the more elusive ingredients you’ll want for crafting, but it’s easier to get than you think. Here’s a full guide on how to farm the materials to make pigment and how to make it.

How To Craft Pigment

So, first of all, you want to harvest flowers. There are various different kinds of potted flowers that you can place around the island. Much like spirit animals and trees, flowers also have a happiness rating. You can see what makes them happy by examining them, so be sure to place decorations they like around them to get a more bountiful harvest each time.

To be able to make pigment, you must have unlocked Francesca DuClaw and progressed her questline enough to have unlocked the recycling feature she offers. Recycling any type of flower will result in one tin of flower pigment.

Where can I get potted flowers?

You’ll be gifted a number of decorations as rewards for quests from your ghostly neighbors, and it’s likely you get at least a few potted plants that way. However, if you’re after a few more flowers, you can always purchase some from Mr. Kit’s shop, though you’ll need different types of spirit essences to buy them.

What are Tins of Flower Pigment used for?

Tins of Flower Pigment are required for various crafting recipes, especially in the making of different decorations. As you progress through the game, you will steadily unlock more and more crafting recipes through quest progression, donating to Captain Snout’s collection, and finding new recipes from gathering.

Additionally, Tins of Flower Pigment and the various flowers used to make it can all be donated to Captain Snout’s Collection.

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