Curious Tale Sales Outpace Apex Construct On Quest 2

Fast Travel Games’ family-oriented VR puzzle game, The Curious Tale Of The Stolen Pets, is outpacing sales of its debut VR title, Apex Construct, on Oculus Quest 2.

Taking to Twitter the studio’s Chief Marketing Officer, Andreas Juliusson, revealed that, in the eight weeks since Quest 2’s launch, Curious Tale had outsold Apex by a 1% margin. Tellingly, however, eight weeks before Quest 2’s launch, Apex had outsold Curious Tale by 30%. Note that these are sales strictly over those eight week margins, not lifetime performance.

That said, Juliusson further confirmed to us that Curious Tale has outsold Apex by around 10% so far in 2021, which doesn’t factor in a daily deal for the latter title that pushes that number closer to 20%.

True, Apex Construct is an older game than The Curious Tale Of The Stolen Pets but consider that, but March of 2020, Apex’s Quest port had outsold the PC VR and PSVR versions combined, and that’s a big jump. Following Quest 2 launch, Juliusson revealed sales of both games were up 800% vs the day before release.

“More “casual” gamers entering VR is a win for everyone,” Juliusson said of Curious Tale’s success in a follow-up tweet. “More headset sales means more revenue for both manufacturers, platform owners & developers = incentives to keep improving & expanding. A broader audience also caters for bigger variety in the games being made going forward.”

Indeed, Fast Travel’s next game is a far cry from the cutesy critters of Curious Tale. The developer is working on Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife, a horror title releasing on all headsets this year. Looking past that, the studio says it has yet-more VR-exclusive titles in the works too.

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