Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Awesome Areas That Most Players Will Never Find

There are dozens of areas left unmarked around the world that reference movies, other video games, or sometimes more personal nods to specific people. CD Projekt Red left a lot of Night City behind for the release, but what we got in bugs can be made up for in these secret locations.

A lot of people feel that the game is empty and lackluster. A lot of that luster can be found in your idle walks throughout Night City, where you find things out for yourself without guidance. Being at the right place at the right time, or wrong time, can be your ticket to a unique Reddit post about what new place is found in Cyberpunk 2077.

Graffiti For Jackie

This Reddit user found a little slice of remembrance for us all. The world reacts after Jackie dies. Well, maybe not the entire world, but those who cared. You can find graffiti dedicated to the death of Jackie Welles in Vista del Rey. Though this isn’t the most polite way to remember his going out since it roughly translates to something  like “***** Jackie Welles messed with the wrong people.” It seems like his people back in Heywood have a bitter taste in their mouths about the way he went out.

Dexter Deshawn

After the second intro, if you want to call it that, you can actually go back to the place where you woke up and first met Takemura. Takemura shot Dexter Deshawn after he leads him to your body. Dexter’s body can still be found in that very junkyard. This is worth finding because he has an iconic pistol on his body and there’s a secret side quest behind him. Not only do you get the Plan B pistol, but if you walk up to the freezer to the far right of the photo a side quest will trigger, with Johnny Silverhand talking as per usual.

Zen Garden

This Reddit user stumbles upon peace and tranquility in Night City. There is a building called the Night City Center for Behavioral Health in the City Center where you can find lush trees and chirping birds. Visiting at the right time of day can give you the same type of serenity that the Zen Master gives with his meditation BD’s. Being inside such quiet places that have their own story and purpose, but aren’t part of any quest, leave you feeling like the city is really alive.

Confession Kiosk

Sometimes we just need to forgive and forget. In this Reddit post, a user showcases a video of their V using this random confession kiosk. This can be found near the bottom of The Glen where you can pay six eddies to have a machine forgive you for your sins and faults.

The Reddit post goes into discussion about indulgences in religion and the idea of paying to be forgiven. Nevertheless, this interactive lore hot spot is an interesting addition that once again makes the city feel alive. Most of these interactive and compelling areas in Cyberpunk 2077 are for players to discover on their own. For now, at least.

The Ramp

Near the very end of the map in the Badlands can be found a singular ramp and a spot to sit back and relax in. On the map and with eyes alone you can see part of some road on the other side. Since part of the other side of the road is on the map it makes you wonder if you can make that jump with enough force. On the little table can be found a shard with an excerpt from a poem of the famous Polish poet named Wislawa Szymboroska. What secrets the poem excerpt means and if it correlates to this empty ramp is up for you to decipher.

Fallout 4

Far past Pacifica and into the empty fields you may find yourself the opening to a fallout bunker. More specifically a Fallout 4 bunker door. A lot of players feel that Cyberpunk 2077 is a cyberpunk-themed Fallout game by the way it plays and feels. It seems the developers wanted to give a nod to the franchise anyhow, whether due to inspiration or out of respect. Or simply because they knew fans would love it. A Fallout jumpsuit to loot would be cool though. Modders, you know what to do.

Robots Playing Cards

Multiple people have found two robots smoking together in a relaxing environment, just chatting, playing cards, and shootin’ the shit. One occasion was just some cards in an apartment room, the other was more of a hired stripper situation. These areas can only be accessed by doors that need a certain amount of Force and stats to open.

Some people think it’s a Futurama reference where Fry finds two robots playing cards all night when he moves into Benders apartment building. Either way, this may be the first time we see robots living life casually and not being used as guards or weapons. It makes you wonder if they need to be in secret and how much robots are one with commonfolk.

Motel Hell

A Reddit user found something of a reference to a 1980’s movie called Motel Hell. This movie is about a motel owner’s famously delicious sausages that turned out to be made from the meat of their own customers. Old enough or cultured enough to know the reference or not, it’s clear that the developers here had no limits to what they could reference and pay homage to in Cyberpunk 2077.

Movie Reference 2

Near the location of the ramp in the previous entry can be found a blood bath, literally. It’s a crater of blood and what looks like mannequins or robots floating within the sea of red. It’s a sea of chrome, if you will. Apparently, there is a shard nearby this location that explains that this is part of a movie set and is indeed, not just a horrific scene left unattended. But what if it was. Ooo.

Unmarked Train Station

There is a random train station that you have to parkour your way into, and there’s definitely an “in”, that has a fast travel system inside it. Once you get inside there’s a fully textured and working hallway with pedestrians going in and out as if this was meant to be an accessible place. There are many areas in Night City that players have found that appear to be scrapped ideas from the developers. Are they scrapped ideas or future DLCs?

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