Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Side Jobs With Amazing Rewards To Do Immediately

While there are thousands of games out there with compelling stories, very few offer players the possibility to make their choices matter. Cyberpunk 2077 is one of those games. In it, most things V does, from the dialogue you choose to the missions you complete, have an impact on V’s story in Night City. One way players can change what happens is through side jobs, mostly given through phone calls or by exploring certain game areas.

Completing these side quests offers players the possibility to take a break from the main plot and really explore everything Night City has to offer. It’s easy to get lost in the multiple side jobs or even gigs available in the game, and after hours of gaming, it’s only fair you’ll be rewarded handsomely for your troubles. So go ahead and take a look at the best rewards you can obtain from side jobs in Cyberpunk 2077.

The Gun

  • Reward: Dying Night.

Getting a gun with good stats in the first few hours of gameplay will make things so much easier, but even better is knowing that you can get them for free.

To start this side job, just head to Wilson’s store in Heywood and simply talk to him. He will give you Dying Night, a rare, iconic weapon with good damage and a shorter reload time than many in its class. This power weapon also increases headshot damage by 50%.

The Gift

  • Reward: Ping Quickhack.

You can get this side job from T-Bug, just when V is returning home from a gig in Night City. To complete it, you’ll have to go to the big round Kabuki Market building in Kabuki, Watson. Once there, speak to Yoko, and she will tell you that T-Bug has something for you; better yet, it’s free.

Select the Ping Quickhack from the store menu. You can’t miss it as it has a yellow exclamation point in the corner. This quick hack lets players see enemies and devices connected to the local network.

The Beast In Me

  • Rewards: Claire’s Car “The Beast” and Sampson’s car.

There are many ways to move around Cyberpunk 2077 huge map, so why not do it with style? If you want to obtain not only one but two of the rarest cars in Cyberpunk, then the side job “The Beast in Me” is one you must do.

This job is pretty straightforward; just complete the main quest “Double Life,” and you’ll get a call from Claire offering you a series of races that will take place between Downtown, Badlands, Santo Domingo, and Heywood. Accept her offer and complete each one of them. However, things start getting interesting in the last race as you’ll have various choices to pick from, like aiding Claire with her revenge plan or sparing Sampson’s life. Anything can happen, from Claire being cold to you for the rest of the game or getting two sick cars.

Full Disclosure

  • Reward: Epic Synapse Burnout Quickhack.

The best way to get around in Cyberpunk 2077 is by acquiring vehicles, weapons, clothing, other things. And just like in real, you’ll need a good amount of money to do or buy the things you like.

A good way to gain money in this game is by completing side jobs like “Full Disclosure,” which will allow you to obtain a good amount of Eurodollars as well as XP, Street Cred XP, and an Epic Synapse Burnout Quickhack. You’ll get this work done in Watson, Kabuki, and as a requirement, you have to complete the main mission Double Life first and wait for a message from Sandra Dorsett. She’ll ask you to find your database. There are many ways this mission can go, and V can get better rewards depending on your choices.

Big In Japan

  • Reward: Rare Iconic Katana called “Scalpel.”

To unlock this side job, you’ll have to talk to Dennis in the Afterlife Bar in Watson, Little China, and have completed the main mission “The Head” for this side job to be available.

For this one, all you have to do is to retrieve a body that’s inside a container and deliver it to the Megabulding H11. Once you deliver “the package,” the iconic weapon that comes with this job will be against the barrel to the left. Make sure to pick it up as it won’t be given to you automatically. This Katana deal electrical damage and, if you have the Sandevistan cyberware active, there’ll be a 50% more chance of Crit Chance.


  • Reward: La Chingona Dorada and Jackie’s motorcycle.

Heroes have two possible outcomes depending on what you choose to do with Jackie’s body during the main mission, “The Heist.” If you choose to sent the body to his family, you’ll get to attend jackies funeral. There you can talk to his mom; she’ll offer the motorcycle to you. However, if you send the body to the ripperdoc, Jackie’s mom will send a package to V’s apartment with the vehicle’s keys.

When you finish this mission, wait 24 hours and check the offering table that was at the funeral, there you’ll get La Chingona Dorada, an iconic power weapon that has a higher chance of burning or stunning a target. This gun also features a reduced reload time and an extra mod slot.

Losing My Religion, Sacrum Profanum

  • Reward: M221 “Fenrir” machine gun.

You will have to go to the Northside Docks in Watson and talk to a monk named Bhikkhu to take this job. He’ll task V with saving his brother from the Maelstrom’s hideout.

As a reward, you’ll get XP, Street Cred, and one of the best weapons that you can acquire early in the game, the powerful M221 “Fenrir” machine gun. This weapon inflicts thermal damage and has a greater probability of applying the burn status effect.

Pyramid Song

  • Reward: The possibility of romancing Judy.

In Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll get to interact with many characters, even having the chance of having a one night stand or romancing a few of them. This side job gives the player the possibility of pursuing a romance with Judy, given that you chose a female body type with a female voice for V.

To get this side job, you’ll have to refuse Maiko’s plan and payment during the sidequest “Pisces.” Afterward, Judy will call V asks to meet with her at the Badlands’ Laguna Bend Lake. Once there, accept Judy’s requests to dive and stay the night together.

Following The River

  • Reward: River’s gun and the possibility of romancing him.

As a requirement, you must first have to complete the side job “The Hunt” and wait for River to contact you after 24 hours in-game. The rest of the mission is pretty straightforward.

If you want to follow a romantic path with this character, you’ll always have to choose the dialogue that shows interest in River. Also, make sure to kiss River whenever the option is available. Remember that romancing this character will only be available if V has a female body and female voice.


  • Reward: €$5000.

While the reward for this mission may not seem that great is one of the most bizarre and exciting side jobs in the game, so you should definitely check it out.

During Sinnerman, you’re initially hired to kill a convict. However, you’ll be given a choice to instead help him out in his plan to repent for his sins by getting a crucifixion.

If you want the €$5000, simply shoot Joshua as you initially intended to do, however by doing so, the next quests, “There is a Light That Never Goes Out” and “They Won’t Go When I Go,” won’t start. If you want to see what comes next, then agree to go with Joshua. Keep in mind that this last option won’t give you the €$5000.

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