Cyberpunk 2077: How To Complete Off The Leash Side Job

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Cyberpunk 2077 is full of vibrant characters to match its neon-soaked world, with each one offering sprawling questlines to fill your time in Night City. Throughout your journey in this town, you will often come face to face with characters that impacted the life of Johnny Silverhand, the long-dead rocker boy that is slowly taking over V’s brain.

One of these characters is Kerry Eurodyne, Johnny’s once best friend and bandmate. During Off The Leash you will visit Kerry as he puts on a concert with a girl band he once hated, and make some very important decisions regarding his romance storyline.

How To Start Off The Leash

To begin this side job, you will need to have completed a series of missions and been friendly with Kerry in each. Crucially, you must have completed a mission named “I don’t wanna hear it”. During this mission, it is important you help Kerry make up with US Cracks.

To do so, sneak into their concert. An easy way to get in is to steal the tickets from the two attendees located in an alleyway to the left of the venue.

At the end of the mission, it is vital that Kerry and US Cracks make up and decide to go against their record label. In order to do this, pick these dialogue choices: "Deep breaths. Let's talk" and "Hold it. What's this about a deal?" Then, select "Label screwed all of us."

Once the rockerboy and the girl band have made up, take a selfie with them and I Don’t Wanna Hear It will be complete.

Off The Leash will begin after 12 hours, when you receive a phone call from Kerry asking you to come and see him at an exclusive club.

From there, head to the map marker and tell the bouncer that you have a meeting with Kerry.

At The Gig

Having gained access to the club, head upstairs to see a crowd of adoring fans cheering as Kerry and US Cracks put on a show together. Eventually, Kerry will call you toward the stage.

Here is where the first choice in this mission appears. A reporter will ask you about your time with Kerry, you can choose to mock him or make him sound like the Night City legend he wants to be.

This choice won’t change your romance with Kerry (which is only attainable if your V presents as male), but he will be annoyed if you mock him.

As you leave this area, Kerry will introduce you to a ripperdoc. From this point on, all ripperdocs across the city will offer you a discount.

On The Roof

Now for the climax of this brief but enjoyable side job. Kerry will take you to the roof, showing you his favourite view in Night City, and speak with you about his goals and dreams.

If you are presenting as male, and want to romance Kerry, pick the dialogue choices that show interest in him. Make sure not to indicate that V has more important things to deal with.

As the conversation comes to an end, you will have the opportunity to kiss Kerry. This will not lock in the romance, so feel free to make any choice you see fit here.

Following the completion of this quest, Kerry will eventually contact you for the final leg of his storyline, a mission named “Boat Drinks”.

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