Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Finally Lets You Pet Your Cat

CD Projekt Red has improved Cyberpunk 2077 in a number of ways over the course of the past few months. However, despite all of those improvements players still can't pet the cat. Thankfully, Nibbles no longer needs to go unfussed as, much like many other things in Night City, there's now a mod for that.

Cyberpunk's Pet The Cat mod is available to download and apply right now through Nexus Mods (thanks, PC Gamer). Deceptious is the modder you have to thank for adding the ability to stroke Nibbles, something CDPR has clearly overlooked as it has been working on DLC and actually making the game appealing and playable. Yes, those things are important, but so is Nibbles.

There is one big caveat to the mod. You can't just pet Nibbles wherever you like. Upon entering the apartment, if Nibbles is asleep, you can't pet her. You will need to leave and come back in, hoping she's awake. You will then need to use the shower or your wardrobe, prompting Nibbles to either watch holo-ads or hop in the laundry basket. The pet animation can then be activated while your feline friend of the future is in either of those states.

Although you'll need a mod to pet your own cat in Cyberpunk, neither Nibbles nor the other cats that call Night City home have been entirely neglected by CDPR. Some of the strays around the city can be petted, and Nibbles was the star of a photo mode competition earlier this year. It's a shame the petting mod wasn't added before the competition came to a close. Those who used it would have been able to create some very unique shots.

As hinted at already, Cyberpunk is rife with helpful and fun mods. You can masquerade as a courier, up the crowd and traffic density, and make the Edgerunners mansion accessible, among many other things. Speaking of Edgerunners, the Netflix spinoff is one of many things to breathe new life into Cyberpunk almost two years after its rough launch.

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