Dark Souls: How To Defeat Gravelord Nito

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Dark Souls is renowned for seamlessly blending its unique cast of enemies and monsters with its fantastically detailed environment and unique way of storytelling. Of high and mighty gods brought to their knees to link the fire and continue a supposed age of prosperity.

One such boss that must be defeated to finish the game is Gravelord Nito, the First of the Dead. It's a tricky encounter located in a treacherous part of the world. So, in this guide, we’re going to run through where to find Nito, what to bring to help you in this fight, and how best to go about landing the killing blow.

Where To Find Gravelord Nito

To find Nito, just head through The Catacombs and keep going to the bottom of the Tomb of the Giants.

Take a Skull Lantern or have the Cast Light sorcery to navigate your way through the tomb, as running in the dark is practically a death sentence given how many enemies, caverns and crevices lay between The Catacombs and Nito.

The skeletons here do very high damage but rely on you bumping into them in the pitch black, thanks to their small engagement radius. This is why light is a must, as you can get the first hit onto your enemy, or if you spot them early enough, avoid them altogether.

Preparing For Gravelord Nito

If you have a divine weapon, bring it. Given the numerous skeletons that awaken as you move through the boss room, killing them with a divine weapon will stop them from resurrecting.

Next, increase your poise with armour or the Wolf Ring found in the Darkroot Garden, to stop both Nito and any skeletons from breaking your combos.

If you have the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring from Sen’s Fortress, equip it to avoid waking more skeletons than necessary — especially near the back of the room.

Lastly, use charcoal pine resin or pyromancies, as Nito is vulnerable to fire. Given how slowly he moves, this is a great opportunity to use your slower, but harder, hitting spells.

Don’t forget to bring some Blossoming Purple Moss Clumps and, if you can, increase your toxic resistance too.

How To Beat Gravelord Nito

You start the fight by falling into the boss room and will take damage unless you use the Fall Control sorcery. Just make sure to drink an Estus flask before moving on quickly, as Nito will typically start the encounter with his ranged attack.

Don’t run towards Nito, as you’ll wake the skeletons dotted around the room, and will then have to deal with an almighty calcium cavalcade. Instead, let him come to you, minimising the number of bones you rouse from their slumber. Keep downing the skeletons you have alerted until he reaches you.

If you have a divine weapon, another strategy is to systematically kill all the skeletons before turning your attention to Nito. This means having to deal with Nito’s ranged attack but will make the rest of the battle a relative walk in the park.

Gravelord Nito has a sword with three high damage melee abilities and one ranged attack. He also has an area-of-effect move and a grab.

The melee attacks have a slow wind-up with very noticeable choreography. When you see him draw back his sword, prepare to dodge or ready your shield.

The sword’s ranged attack is problematic. He’ll use it if you’re too far away or out of his line of sight, pushing the blade into the ground and popping back out directly underneath you. Listen out for a scream to let you know this attack is coming, then roll away from your current position to dodge it.

When Nito curls into a ball, you need to curl into your own ball and roll away. This is his area-of-effect attack that deals lots of magic damage and causes toxic build-up. Again, there’s a long delay before he attacks, so keep an eye out for it and you’ll have plenty of time to move.

Finally, if his left hand glows red, he’s preparing a grab attack. Like all grab attacks in Dark Souls, it deals tons of damage and is worth avoiding at all costs. Simply back off and wait until he finishes the sequence before going back.

Overall, stay close to Nito’s sides and wail on his ribcage from there. His attacks will most likely down any skeletons also trying to bother you, but if you do feel threatened, take a moment to cull the bone rabble before returning to the task at hand.

So long as you’re staying vigilant for his area-of-effect and grab moves, this boss shouldn’t be too much trouble.

You must hit Nito’s bones to deal damage to him, and making rear attacks is extremely difficult thanks to his draping cape. Avoid short weapons such as daggers too, as these will struggle to connect with their target, even at close range.

Rewards For Beating Gravelord Nito

Upon defeating Nito, you’ll receive 60,000 souls, one humanity, and the Lord Soul — otherwise known as the Soul of Gravelord Nito, one of the great souls needed to fill the Lordvessel.

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