Dark Souls: How To Join The Gravelord Covenant (And How It Works)

The debate rages on as to which is harder in Dark Souls: the bosses, or understanding how covenants actually work. It is understandable that, to this day, many people don’t understand how some of the more cryptic (pun intended) covenants work in the original gameOf all the possible covenants to join, it is undoubtedly The Gravelord covenant that is shrouded in the most mystery. Thanks to the remastered version of the game bringing attention, and a healthy boost of players, back to the title, now’s the time to finally crack this riddle and learn how to join The Gravelord covenant and how Gravelording works.

How To Become A Gravelord

Before you can become a Gravelord, you must make sure you have not killed the Gravelord himself, but have reached the point in the game where you can reach him. Gravelord Nito can only be faced after claiming the Lord Vessel, so you won’t have a chance to join this covenant until you’re over halfway through the game. Once you’ve got the Lord Vessel you will need to navigate the deadly Tomb of the Giants and The Catacombs to reach his lair.

After killing this giant mass of bone and death, you will also need to find yourself an item called and Eye of Death. These can be picked up where you will go to join the Gravelord covenant, as well as dropped from Basilisks from time to time.

As for where you need to go to join the covenant, you’re going deep down into The Catacombs. In the crypt area full of coffins and a Titanite Demon, look for an open coffin just before you reach the Titanite Demon. You can interact with this coffin and actually hop inside it. Just like waiting for the giant crow to take you back to the Undead Asylum, you need to wait here for longer than you might expect before anything happens.

As long as you have an Eye of Death, after about 30 seconds or so a short cutscene will play and you will be brought to a new area with the Sarcophagus Gravelord. Once here, just pray to the Sarcophagus and you will be prompted to join the Gravelords.

How Gravelording Works

In short, this covenant lets you curse other player’s worlds by using an Eye of Death item to spawn mobs of black phantoms into their world. But, and the reason most people never experience Gravelording or understood how it worked before, the targeted player must at least be doing a new game plus run for it to work. Unlike other types of invasions or covenants, you do not have to be in human form to be the victim of a Gravelord either. The only way for the cursed player to rid themselves of these black phantoms is if the person who Gravelorded them dies or exits the game, or if they invade and kill that player.

To invade the Gravelord, the cursed player has to find a special black invasion sign on the ground. Whoever wins will also be granted an Eye of Death.

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