Dark Souls’ Mask Of The Father Spotted In Big Brother Australia

Dark Souls is massive. It was recently declared the best game of all time at the Golden Joysticks and has inspired countless other titles. Its popularity has ensured that it will be referenced in other games for as long as gaming exists, yet a little nod to Dark Souls has turned up in the place you'd probably least expect it to – in an old episode of Big Brother Australia.

Spotted and posted to the Dark Souls subreddit by Redditor TermnallyChill, in an episode in Season 13 of Big Brother Australia, spray-painted onto a nearby wall in bright yellow paint, is what looks like the Mask of the Father, a popular cosmetic helm that can be dropped by the boss Pinwheel. It's such an unlikely place for a Dark Souls reference to pop up that it feels like a joke, but having suffered through 30 minutes of Big Brother, I can confirm that it's there.

To save you from trawling through footage of Big Brother Australia to find it, the mask makes an appearance at the beginning of Episode 6 Part 2, in which the housemates must overcome an endurance test to avoid being voted out. The test takes place in a small sandy courtyard that is surrounded by shipping containers covered in graffiti. On one of these containers is a painting of the Mask of the Father, tucked away in the bottom left corner next to a painting of a strange blue creature.

Quite what the mask is doing there is anyone's best guess. Maybe one of the set designers on Big Brother Australia is a really big fan of Dark Souls and wanted to sneak in a reference somewhere? Maybe someone saw a cool stencil of a wacky mask and thought the design would fit with the rest of the set? Whatever the case, we can now say that there's a Dark Souls reference in an episode of Big Brother, and I think that's just great.

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