Dead By Daylight: Survivor Tips For Beginners

Since its original launch in 2016, Dead By Daylight has continued to evolve and grow within the video game and horror community. When it first started there were only three Killers and four Survivors, now there are 24 murdering psychopaths and 27 poor victims for them to hunt down.

With so many characters in this, at times, brutally hard multiplayer survival horror game, it can be difficult for new players to figure out where to get started and what it is they need to do to survive. There’s a vast ocean of meta gameplay and character builds that you could spend hours barely scratching the surface of, but instead of diving too deep into it here’s a brief rundown of a few key things to know as a beginner.

10 Every Pallet Is A Lifeline

As a Survivor, you don’t really have a lot of things to use in your defense against what are some seriously strong and overpowered Killers. Whilst there are items such as flashbangs and torches that can give you a temporary reprieve, your main focus should be on finding where the best collection of Pallets are.

These big wooden stacks can be thrown down in front of a pursing Killer to slow them down or slid across to escape their grasp. Whilst they can be broken down, the animation for doing so takes a while giving you plenty of time to mount your escape. Try to hang out near a large clump of them on the map to give yourself plenty of ways to escape any murderous entity that’s coming after you.

9 Cleanse Totems When You Find Them

A fairly recent addition to the game that came with Patch 1.3.0, Totems are small occult objects that appear on the map and they can be used by Killers to exert all sorts of nasty map-wide debuffs.

Each round spawns five of them in random locations and Survivors can cleanse them to gain Bloodpoints, the currency of Dead By Daylight, or to remove any hex that’s been placed on it. They can be difficult to spot so scour every surface when you’re running around the level.

8 Flashlights Are Great For Getting Away

Even though it can seem at first that the odds are stacked against you as a Survivor, you still have a number of tools in your arsenal that you can use to keep yourself alive. From medkits to flash grenades, there’s a lot to choose from but for those just starting out, one thing you always want in your inventory is a Flashlight.

Not only does this illuminate some of the darker maps, but it can also be used to blind Killers allowing for a speedy getaway. Although some of them will go into a melee frenzy when they’re blinded, so get ready to run if you’re too close.

7 Don’t Wander Off

Some of the maps in Dead By Daylight are absolutely massive with most having multiple layers. If you’re new to the game it can be incredibly easy to get turned around or separate from other survivors.

Being alone is one of the worst things you can do in Dead By Daylight as opportunistic Killers can pick you off from the shadows without anyone being able to come help. So if you find another Survivor running around, try to stick with them for a while because if one of you is downed, the other can still rescue them.

6 Teamwork Is Not Required, But It Helps

Although it is possible to completely win a round as a solo Survivor in Dead By Daylight, it’s much easier and more fun if you work together as a team. Working as a group means you can keep an eye on where the Killer is, or mount a rescue mission for anyone they’ve captured.

Or if you’re feeling brave you could have two people off running distraction tactics whilst the other two go around repairing Generators as quickly as possible. So bring along a friend if you can or mic up if you can’t otherwise you might be in for a rough time as a new player in Dead By Daylight.

5 Don’t Run Away In A Straight Line

As a Survivor when you see a Killer your only real defense is to turn tail and run as fast as you can in the opposite direction and hope that they don’t catch up. Whilst you’re running your character will leave large glowing scratch marks on the ground which the killer can track.

So if you run in a straight line away from the current rounds murderous psychopath they’re going to find you in a couple of seconds. Try to throw in some zigs and zags, double back on yourself, and switch to walking as that doesn’t leave scratches. Your objective is to confuse your pursuer as much as you can, so get creative with your escape.

4 Most Killers Have A Weakness

Whilst the Killers may seem like unstoppable forces of nature and they may feel like that at times, they do have their own drawbacks that you can take advantage of and use to run rings around them.

The chainsaw-wielding hillbilly for example can only go in a straight line once he launches his attack, whilst the Deathslinger has a long wind up to retract his chain after missed shots. So when you see a Killer winding up an attack try to duck, dip, dive and dodge around them to make them waste it then use this time to run away.

3 Stay On The Move

There are a lot of great places to hide in Dead By Daylight, from under beds to inside closets dotted around the maps. Whilst these are good for quick escapes, staying inside them for too long turns them into a guaranteed death trap.

Killers tend to check known hiding spots fairly often and the longer you hide, the more scratches will appear around your spot. So try to keep on the move if you can, or since Survivors have more freedom of movement with their camera, try to track the Killers movements from afar and always keep a wall or tree between you or them.

2 Know Your Characters Perks

There’s quite a lot of character customization available in Dead By Daylight, especially once you push up into those higher levels. There’s a ton of perks that each Survivor has as well as some pretty powerful ones that can be taught to them once they hit level 40 and above.

Dwight for example is more tech-focused and his skills buff Generator repair, whilst Meg is an athlete who’s all about putting distance between herself and any threat. Try to find a Survivor and list of perks that work for you as the right loadout can make you pretty powerful.

1 Generators Should Always Be Your Goal

The main goal of Dead By Daylight is getting out alive and this is managed by turning on Generators, powering a gate or escape grate, and then leaving through it before you’re caught by whatever masked murderer is prowling around.

Whilst running around trying not to die will take the majority of your concentration, the way out won’t open unless it’s powered. It takes a while for one survivor to fix just one Generator and the longer it takes the more time the Killer has to whittle down your numbers and shrink your chances of getting out alive. So the second you hit the ground running you should make a beeline straight for the Generators as soon as you can.

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