Dead Cells Legacy Update Now Available On iOS And Android

Dead Cells has finally released the free Legacy Update on iOS and Android, giving you new enemies to conquer, new biomes to explore, and new weapons to master. First released on PC last year, mobile gamers are just now getting a taste of the brutal new content.

Although mobile is still a bit behind other platforms, the size of this update can’t be understated. Dead Cells on your phone now contains all the content up to version 1.6 on PC and console. That includes new enemies (Slammers, Arbiters, Ground Shakers); new weapons (Magic Missiles, War Javelins, Giantkillers); new mutations (Open Wounds, Berserker); and a whole lot more for you to discover.

Considering the Legacy Update is free to anyone who owns Dead Cells, that’s quite the list. The developer also said the custom runs feature is in consideration for future patches – although no launch window was mentioned.

This isn’t the last big update for Dead Cells on mobile. Early next year the team is hoping to release the Bad Seed DLC. This premium content will include more of everything – bosses, biomes, enemies, weapons, skills, and mutations.

The Bad Seed DLC is already available on PC, so we have a pretty good idea as to what that will look like when it releases on our phones. It’s the first paid expansion for Dead Cells, and was highly reviewed when it launched earlier this year. Bad Seed offered content that was much more challenging than the base game, but it also gave you new skills and weapons to overcome the odds. The fan-favorite new item was Mama Tick’s scythe claws, which provided insane damage output at the cost of a slow attack time.

Once Bad Seed is released, we can expect a third update in the summer of 2021, but we’re still waiting on the specifics. The second expansion still isn’t available on PC or console, so everyone is in the dark on what to expect in this brand-new expansion.

Dead Cells is available on iOS and Android for $8.99. Once purchased, you’ll gain access to the Legacy Update for free.

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