Dead Space: Chapter Ten Walkthrough

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Isaac's short-lived stay aboard the military starship Valor was predictably fraught. The Valor was overrun with Necromorphs, and one of them very nearly detonated a nuke. Factor in what happened at the end of the chapter with Hammond, followed by that breathtaking escape sequence, and returning to the Ishimura practically feels like coming home again.

But in Dead Space, home is never safe. The USG Ishimura is, in fact, even more dangerous in Chapter Ten, and the stakes have never been higher. Let us help you tear down some tendrils and move forward into the endgame stages to come.

Gym Challenge

Float back through the airlock and into Comms Control Room. Home sweet home. Return to our favorite hub area, the Main Atrium, and then head to Tram Tunnel. Looks like we'll need the Crew Deck Keycard.

Go forward through the Crew Deck into the Zero-G Gym. There's a mini-game here which is purely optional, not unlike the Shooting Gallery in Chapter Nine. All you need to do here is grab the Power Core, but partaking will nab you a Ruby Semiconductor (and another Power Node). We say go for it.

The goal in Z-Ball is to send the ball that will appear at the start of the stage into the holes in the above picture via Kinesis. Since this is Dead Space, there will be Necromorphs – the tiny kind – attempting to impede you. Hit a score threshold and Isaac goes up a round. There are a total of six possible rounds. The rewards you'll earn are actually received from the lockers behind you.

Each round corresponds with a new locker, with the fifth and sixth rounds – the Semiconductor and Node, respectively – as the big prizes. When you've finished, plug the Power Core into its nearby socket to advance.

Take the elevator and Isaac gets the Crew Deck Keycard – use it back at the entry area's locked door to reach the Main Nexus.

The Suite Life Of Tendril-Slaying

A friendly chat with the honorable Mr. Mercer occurs. Old habits die hard, so when Isaac refuses Mercer's hospitality, the Hunter returns. Slow it down and blast its legs as we've suggested in previous chapters – and run like hell. Head through the shattered glass the Hunter emerges from. When you come up on the large yellow sac, blast it apart, and you'll be able to enter a door to escape.

Your indicator insists you should go through the door to the Common Area instead. But that door is clearly locked. It's a ruse.

Escape through the newly-emerged door will take you to the Mess Hall. Locate the cargo lift and head down to Standard Quarters. (Snag the nearby Node.) A door en route will require Kinesis to access.

Once Isaac reaches Standard Quarters, his O2 gauge will begin to tick down. Eliminate the Necromorphs here, with keen eye for the grotesque yellow sac on the far side. Destroying this means the first tendril is done and dusted.

Return to the previous room, this time heading through a newly available door. Hang a right and enter Storage, where you must grab the Power Cell and carry it back out and into the Mess Hall. Attach it to the nearby socket which enables a lift. Take the lift up to Central Nexus. Here, you'll find another lift; this one brings Isaac to Deluxe Quarters. A lockdown phase triggers – put the Necromorphs to pasture as per usual. To the left inside the Deluxe Quarters proper is another sac. Destroy it.

Once again return to the Central Nexus, this time following your handy-dandy indicator toward the Executive Quarters. Find the restroom and kill the third tendril via another lovely sac. Last but not least, again from the Central Nexus, and once more with the help of our indicator, make your way to the Steward's Office, killing the last tendril that just so happens to be rather close to the good Doctor Kyne himself.

Shuttle Control

Guess where we're headed? Central Nexus. Beware the lockdown. After it's been resolved, fiddle with the terminal. Make for the Executive Shuttle Bay and install the Singularity Core on the shuttle. When the game tells you to test-fire the engines, follow the indicator to Shuttle Control, but be warned – our last scuffle with the Hunter is about to begin.

Lure the Hunter behind the shuttle's engines, slow it to a crawl with Stasis, rush to Shuttle Control, and initiate the engines to melt our nemesis into nothingness once and for all. Feel free to echo Isaac's shout as you see fit.

Enjoy the ride the massive tentacle provides Isaac – and by enjoy, we mean begin shooting it to hell as soon as you can. Unload enough ammunition into it during the grab sequence (with as much attention to the sac as possible) to end the chapter. Phew.

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