Dead Space Remake Features A Secret USG Ishimura Themed Wellerman Sea Shanty

Remember when sea shanties were basically everywhere? Yeah, that was just last year. We thought the coming winter would save us from the pounding beat and the droning voices of men recalling their time in the great blue, but Dead Space has reminded us that sea shanties can never truly die. They merely lie dormant, waiting to be resurrected by an unsuspecting figure.

In this case, that figure is Isaac, and the sea shanty in question is a Dead Space-themed parody of "Wellerman," the cover by Nathan Evans that sparked the whole sea shanty craze back in 2021. Soon after that song arrived online, which was actually a cover of a New Zealand sea shanty from the '60s, everyone was making their own versions, whether they be imitations, remixes, or parodies. We can forgive Sea of Thieves for making its own sea shanties, but Fortnite and Warframe? Clearly hopping on a bandwagon.

And now we can add Dead Space to the list. As spotted by YouTuber Jester (with thanks to Eurogamer), you can find six fragmented marker codes with waves under them throughout the Ishimura. If you line them all up, you'll get a code that's "M, S, M, M, S, M, S, M, M, M, M, S." Each M is a melee and each S is a stomp. Then head to the break room on chapter four's bridge, perform the melees and stomps in the prayer circle, and be treated to a playback from an unknown contact.

The lyrics do a pretty good job of riffing on "Wellerman," only instead of being about a whaling ship trying to find a whale, it's about the Ishimura and its mining voyages.

"There once was a ship from the CEC,

The Ishimura USG,

she cracked a moon with gravity,

go me bully boys go (huh).

Soon may the Kellion come,

To save our souls and take us home,

One Day when the fixin' is done,

We'll take our leave and go."

The Dead Space remake may have added a new easter egg to mark 2022's weirdest musical craze, but it took away one of the original's creepiest secrets, which you can read about here.

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