Deadpool DLC Comes To Marvel’s Midnight Suns January 26

Deadpool will be joining the Marvel's Midnight Suns roster as part of the game's first DLC pack, The Good, the Bad, and the Undead, which will be released on January 26.

Prior to the launch of Marvel's Midnight Suns last month, 2K confirmed that Deadpool, Storm, Venom and Morbius would be coming to the game as post-launch DLC. To no one's surprise, Deadpool is the first character out of the four who will be joining the game, as part of its The Good, the Bad, and the Undead expansion.

Deadpool's DLC pack brings him in as a new recruitable hero, alongside three new story missions, a new upgrade for the Abbey, and some new skins and outfits to keep the Merc with a Mouth looking fresh. Deadpool is described as an "in-your face damage dealer" with 10 unique Hero abilities, one of which sees him attack his enemy for an excruciatingly long time. Let's hope there's a skip button that one.

Brief glimpses of gameplay during the trailer reveal a few of Deadpool's unique abilities, including one called "Burning Sensation" that seems to light enemies on fire. Some of the others that can be spotted include "Pain Pinata", likely a group attack, "All Together Now" which looks like some kind of buff", and "Mag Dump", which seems like another ranged move.

Outside of Deadpool and his unique hero moves, the DLC also adds a food truck to the Abbey, along with several different costumes to customise the Merc in a Mouth. You won't be able to remove his mask, however, as that's apparently not in the budget.

Marvel's Midnight Suns is a pretty beefy game, but thankfully Firaxis has confirmed that you won't need to complete the whole adventure in order to see Deadpool's story. The press release for the DLC pack confirms that you'll need to have completed the "Spidermaaaans" story mission and seen Spider-Man unmask himself during the game's first act, which is around three or four hours in.

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