Death Stranding enters ‘critical phase’ – still nowhere near finished

Hideo Kojima has offered up an update on Death Stranding’s progress and admits that it’s not yet reached the testing stage.

It’s still not clear what Death Stranding is, let alone when it’s out, but according to Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima he’s playing the game ‘every day’ even though its separate parts have not yet been connected up into a single game.

A tweet in Japanese translates roughly as follows: ‘DS [Death Stranding] is not in the stage of difficulty adjustment and debugging yet but is being put together from its different parts into one game. While I am playing the game directly on the actual PS4 machine, I connected the parts, corrected the operation feeling, the direction, the specifications, the problems, and the process of stripping the flesh and changing things. Critical phase.’

The game not yet existing as a single experience suggests that it’s still at least a year away, perhaps more knowing Kojima’s perfectionist attitude.

It is interesting though that he specifically mentions the PlayStation 4, despite rumours that the game is so far off it may end up as a PlayStation 5 title.

Indeed, it’s possible that any and all Sony published titles that are not out yet – such as The Last Of Us Part II and Ghost Of Tsushima – may end up being cross-generational games, that appear on both formats.

When Sony might confirm or deny that is unclear but it’s possible Kojima’s tweet is a prelude to Sony’s Nintendo Direct-esque broadcast planned for tonight at 9pm.

Although at this point the most burning question is still what exactly the game is, with the surreal previews so far only hinting vaguely at some sort of open world stealth adventure and… parcel delivery simulator?

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