December Humble Choice Bundle Includes Free Month Of EA Play

Humble cooked up something special for its latest Choice Premium package, and gamers can benefit. The monthly subscription service adds a month of EA Play to its usual offerings, giving PC players a chance to catch up on old games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order or get into the latest FIFA.

Humble Choice Premium is different from the bundles the platform is known for. Unlike those one-and-done purchases, you’re signing up for a curated delivery of games every month. The core aspects are the same, though. You still get a bunch of games for a relatively low price – in this case at least ten games are offered and you get to choose nine to keep forever.

The money ($15 a month for Premium) also still goes to charity, with a different one being selected every month. Previous inclusions were the American Cancer Society, World Wildlife Foundation, and Make-A-Wish.

Humble is upping the ante in December with the inclusion of EA Play Pro. The service gives users access to EA titles old and new, as well as some exclusive perks like in-game skins and currency. New Humble Choice Premium signups will get a $14.99 coupon that they can redeem for a month of EA Play Pro. Existing Humble Choice Premium subscribers who renew now will get a $5 off coupon for EA Play Pro.

As for the actual Humble game offerings, December will provide 14 games for users to choose. You can take nine, and they are:

  • Overcooked! 2 + Too Many Cooks + Surf ‘n’ Turf Pack
  • Children of Morta
  • One Step from Eden
  • The Beast Inside
  • Indivisible
  • Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection + The Arges Adventure
  • Frog Detective 1 + 2
  • Still There
  • Struggling
  • Tabletop Playground
  • Shining Resonance Refrain
  • Path of Giants

This promotion lasts from now until December 11 at 10am PST.

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