December’s GTA Online DLC is being teased as a big Casino Heist

One of the biggest updates to GTA Online, the Diamond Casino & Resort update, landed way back in July – on July 23rd, to be exact.

Since then, there have been a few small content updates here and there that have added new vehicles and cosmetics to the game, but otherwise GTA Online has been relatively quiet.

However, another big update will land in the game soon – much sooner than we thought, if a new update from Red Dead Online (of all places!) is anything to go by.

The latest update on the Rockstar newswire confirmed that a new update will be hitting Red Dead Online on December 13th.

This may seem innocuous, but the off thing about the timing of this announcement is the day it falls on – a Friday, and a 'Friday the 13th', no less.

Usually, Rockstar is in the habit of updating its games on Tuesdays or Thursdays – it hasn't updated GTA Online on a Friday for years, and it's never updated Red Dead Online on a Friday before, either.

If the company is moving to an end-of-week cycle for one game, it stands to reason that it may also migrate the time of its updates for another, too.

Or perhaps the developer is pushing the Red Dead Online update day to the end of the week because it wants more breathing space with an upcoming GTA Online patch? It's hard to say.

"Look for much more to come to Red Dead Online alongside Moonshiners on December 13th – including Outlaw Pass No. 2, new Moonshiner role unlocks, the new Navy Revolver, additional clothing options and an increase in the amount of outfit slots in your Wardrobe," the post reads.

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We're already seeing data about the whatever big new update Rockstar is loading into GTA Online, too.

Thanks to dataminers sniffing around in the backend of the game, we think more Heist content could be coming to the Online portion of the game – content that was salvaged from cut single-player content that was planned for release around the start of the title's life.

Infamous GTA oracle and internet sleuth TezFunz2 has posted in the GTA Online Forums that the latest update to GTA Online included some hints that we may see the Casino as a potential location for a new multiplayer mission.

You can read more about that speculative Casino Heist DLC update at the link, but it's more information about that specific DLC we're looking for in whatever patch Rockstar rolls out next.

Remember how we saw the developers slowly start constructing the Casino building when we were waiting for the DLC to drop before?

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We reckon we're going to see something like that happen again – maybe more guards will start patrolling the resort, or maybe suspicious cars and shady-looking NPCs are going to start hanging around.

Whatever happens, we're expecting a fairly big update to the game next week – and we'll keep you posted if we learn anything new.

You never know, we might even get the Cops 'N' Crooks update sooner than we thought.

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