Deliver Us Mars: Chapter Eight Walkthrough

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  • How To Board The ARK Labos Wreck
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  • How To Reach The Destroyed ARK Bridge
  • How To Open The MPT Dish
  • How To Open The Locked Door In The Panopticon

The eighth chapter of Deliver Us Mars features some of the game's most dangerous climbing sections. You'll find yourself scaling the hull of a crashed space station, and the terrain can suddenly change as parts swing, buckle, and fall off entirely! If you prefer the game's beam puzzles, this chapter also has some challenges in that regard as well.

This guide has everything you need to know to survive Chapter Eight. If you're stuck at any point, we've got you covered – read on to find the route that will take you safely back to the ground.

How To Board The ARK Labos Wreck

The chapter starts off with Kathy back in the rover, heading to the wreckage of ARK Labos. Drive straight through the canyon, sticking to the flattest terrain when possible. Driving along the left side of the track is generally the safest option.

When you come to the crash site, turn right and proceed through the narrow gorge; this will bring you to the top of the cliffs where the ARK rests. It’s best to slow down in this section since there is much less room to maneuver.

After the final winding climb to the ARK, exit the rover and climb the ledge between the two flags. Walk straight ahead through the wreckage, following the outer hull as though it were a tunnel. You’ll come to a red door; crawl through and turn left at the end of the tunnel.

Past the wreckage in the tunnel you’ll find a climbable wall. Climb to the first ledge, then turn around and jump across to the next section. At the top is a tunnel; cut through the debris blocking your path, along the top of the metal plate, to continue.

Take a left at the end of the tunnel and cut away the plate on the floor at the end. Drop through the hole this creates and turn left, carefully jumping over the gap.

The drop might not look too bad, but the game registers falling through the hole as a death trigger.

In the next corridor, climb the wall on the right to get across the large hole in the floor. You may need to adjust your positioning to cross the metal frame in the middle. Beyond is an airlock that leads to a chamber that still has oxygen – by this point you’ll be around halfway through your tank, so you can get a much-needed refill.

How To Power The ARK Wreck

Inside the pressurized room, there’s a door to the right which leads to the MPT controls. Cut open the floor panel just inside, as well as the other one at the far end of the room, to start the puzzle.

Scattered around the room are several pieces of equipment; there’s a splitter to the left of the entrance and a resistor near the second emitter. Additionally, there are two more splitters that can only be reached by AYLA; one to the right of the entrance, on top of the wreckage, and another lodged above the central receiver of the array’s main mechanism.

Have AYLA place two of the splitters on the platforms to the left and right of the core; each should be near two receivers that require two power units each. Next, have Kat place the remaining splitter in front of the emitter by the entrance and the resistor in front of the other emitter.

Fire the second emitter through the resistor at one of the splitters on the side, then climb up and adjust the splitter so that it hits both the nearby receivers.

You can reach the sides of the core by climbing the wreckage with the yellow cloth, to your left if you’re using the second emitter.

While you’re at the core, climb the wall between the receivers to reach the other side and adjust the receiver there as well. You can also cut the nearby debris to make it easier to climb back up if needed.

Return to the emitter near the entrance and fire it through the splitter on the ground. Aim one beam at the central receiver, and the other at the splitter on the opposite side of the core from the one you’re already powering. If everything is set up correctly, all five receivers should now be powered.

How To Reach The Destroyed ARK Bridge

With the MPT back online, the door to the left of the room’s entrance will open. View the hologram inside, then start climbing the wall in front of you and to the right. Jump across the gap in the middle, then drop to the ledge below you.

Climb into the next room, and jump to the wall across, using your pickaxes to grab hold. Lower yourself to the bottom of the chamber and exit using the airlock to the left.

Carefully walk across the wreckage outside until you can hop down to a platform on the far end. Walk through the tunnel until it starts to collapse, then quickly grab the climbing wall with your pickaxes.

The positioning of the wall as the structure falls apart can make it tricky to grab hold; luckily, if you miss you’ll respawn just before the tunnel.

Climb to the top of the wreckage and run across the collapsing plates. Jump at the end to reach the next climbing wall and move to the right. The panels will start to collapse while you’re climbing them, but luckily the climbing here is more forgiving of pickaxe placement. Make your way to the top as quickly as you can!

Go up the ramp ahead of you to reach another climbing wall. Make your way along it, all the way to the end – there’s a part midway across that looks like a ladder, but it can’t be climbed.

When you reach the top, watch the right-hand wall for a pathway and turn right at the fork at the end. You’ll see an airlock where you can go inside and replenish your oxygen.

Inside the airlock is the Labos bridge – you’ll recognize it from Chapter Three. Go to the front window and use the MPT console. A door will open behind you and to the right – head back outside and hop down onto the ARK’s hull.

How To Open The MPT Dish

Walk straight ahead to the MPT dish; look for some spots of yellow fabric to the right which indicate where you can safely climb down. Do so, then look to your left and cut the joints holding the dish plate in place. Climb back up and do the same to the flat plate that juts out over the canyon – the joints will be at floor level.

Once both plates are cut away, the dish will open. You can’t get back into the bridge through the door you came by, however. Instead, walk around to the other side of the bridge and climb up the port side, to the chamber that was decompressed when you visited in orbit. View the hologram you find there, then enter through the airlock.

Inside, return to the control panel and aim the MPT at the top of ARK Habitas in the distance. As usual, the reticule will turn yellow when it’s properly aligned. Once that’s done, you’ll automatically be returned to the Habitas bridge.

How To Open The Locked Door In The Panopticon

Take the previously-locked elevator at the far end of the room to the Panopticon, and enter the left-hand room at the top.

Approach and identify the body inside – you won’t be able to do anything else until that’s done. Next, view the hologram to your left. After the cutscene, follow AYLA through the door beyond. You’ll find a locked door to the office opposite the hologram room.

Return to the adjoining hallway past the hologram and climb the crates into the vent shaft. Follow the path until you reach a set of pipes that Kat can’t squeeze through. Look through the gap – there’s a floor plate on the other side that you can reach with your laser. Cut off all the clamps and send AYLA through the hole.

Have AYLA unlock the door from the other side, then return to Kat and climb down to walk through. Inside is a large room with another hologram; view it to trigger a long cutscene.

When gameplay resumes, run ahead and to the right to find a stairway to the basement – the one that Opera Team originally entered ARK Habitas through. At the end of the hallway, step through the airlock. Follow the path by continuously turning left, and use the elevator to return to the rover on the ground.

The rover is to the right of where the elevator lets off; get in and drive straight ahead. The trail can be hard to see as the dust storm kicks up, but keep going along the most level terrain you can until visibility drops to zero. This marks the end of the chapter.

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