Demon’s Souls: 5 Things You Can Do To Ruin Your Playthrough (& How To Avoid Them)

Demon’s Souls is not your average action RPG. FromSoftware’s 2009 cult classic is brutally difficult, unforgiving, and enigmatic, and Bluepoint Games’ recent remake retains all of these elements. The adventure is so hard, you can even inadvertently do several things to make your playthrough significantly more challenging or downright impossible.

Since a first run through Demon’s Souls takes anywhere between 24 to 30 hours, you will want to make sure to avoid any of these mistakes. As long as you avoid these massive errors and follow a few helpful tips from other guides on the site, you will be able to destroy Demon’s Souls as easily as brushing dust off your shoulder.

Getting Black World Tendency

World tendency is determined by the player’s actions within a particular Archstone. When it is white the enemies are of a normal difficulty and they give a regular amount of souls. If it is black, the challenge notably ramps up. Generally, the biggest thing to shift world tendency negatively is dying while in human form. Additionally, bringing it to white is generally only done by defeating bosses within the world.

How To Avoid It

The best thing to do in order to avoid a bad world tendency is staying in soul form as long as possible. Avoid using the Stone of Ephemeral Eyes to return to human form. It is not worth it in most situations.

While the health tradeoff is hard to swallow, you can alleviate it by equipping the Cling Ring, found after opening the first shortcut in 1-1. The Regenerator Ring, found in 4-1, also helps slowly regenerate health. If you have to use a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes, we’d recommend only using it before a boss after you have found a sound strategy.

Losing Massive Amounts Of Souls

If you play souls games long enough, you will absolutely come across a time when you tragically loose well over 100,000 souls. Often it happens in the dumbest way possible, multiplying the pain. The saddest thing about the whole situation is it was likely totally preventable and the all the blame rests on you. Fortunately, in Demon’s Souls there is a fairly easy way to recoup all those lost souls quickly.

How To Avoid It

If you find yourself in a situation where you lost an extraordinary amount of souls, there are two places where you can farm souls with efficiency. The first place is in 4-2, and all you have to do is kill the Reaper at the beginning of the area over and over again. If you have already beaten all the bosses in the Archstone, then there is an even better spot to farm. At the area where you fight the Storm King, use the Storm Ruler to quickly take out all the Storm Beast enemies here. Repeating this process nets 100,000 souls or more within minutes.

Using The Wrong Weapon For The Wrong Stats

Every weapon class has a distinct feel and each player will have their own personal preference. The way weapons become stronger is a little bit confusing to understand. In fact, you can accidentally end up leveling up the wrong stat, thinking you should be increasing the weapon’s strength. Since you cannot respec the character, you can end up making a weapon you want to use completely useless.

How To Avoid It

Before leveling up, there is an easy way to tell whether or not the weapon you like scales to the Strength stat or Dexterity.

While leveling up the effect of the stat increase will show, including whether or not it will increase the strength of the weapons you have equipped (look at Attack Power R Weapon 1, 2 and L Weapon 1, 2 in the above photo). This will help you better understand which weapons scale to which stats. Do this and you won’t have to use a weapon you hate just because it ends up being stronger than the one you like.

Locking Out Helpful Spells And Upgrades

The game is too hard for some people. You might just need some help from certain spells in order to best some of the more challenging bosses. Firestorm, for example, is a particularly powerful and helpful spell Yuria the Witch teaches after you rescue her. However, learning it requires a soul earned after beating the Dragon God boss. This same soul unlocks a variety of different abilities, too however, and you may have already used it before realizing you really needed Firestorm.

How To Avoid It

In this situation, knowledge is power. Knowing first and foremost that each boss’s soul unlocks one of several abilities or upgrades helps you better understand how important these decisions are. When it comes to spells and miracles, most of these take up multiple memory spots, so you cannot even use it if your magic memory or Faith is not high enough. For beginners, however, it is hard to go wrong with Firestorm, since it makes short work out of some of the toughest bosses.

Leveling Up Skill You Do Not Need

As previously stated, you cannot respec your character. Any decision you make when leveling up is final. Because it is difficult to understand the utility of some stats, it is easy to focus attention on stats you really do not need while ignoring ones that would be of great help. Even after the mistake is recognized, rectifying it is difficult, since leveling up takes more souls each time.

How To Avoid It

The best thing to do at the beginning of the game is decide on a build and stick to it. Then, be knowledgeable on what the stats actually do and how useful they are. Regardless of what build you go with, it is best to pay some attention to the Endurance stat, since you will always be dodging, blocking, and running. If you do find a certain stat lacking after some less than stellar leveling up, you can always do some farming at the locations previously mentioned.

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