Destiny 2: Beyond Light Will Have Some EXTREMELY Bad Weather

In a new ViDoc, Bungie detailed a wide variety of new features and content coming to Destiny 2 in the Beyond Light expansion. One of the coolest new mechanics is a weather system on Europa that will cause periodic blinding snowstorms.

Dynamic weather systems are totally new to Destiny 2. Titan experiences a nearly constant downpour of rain and stormy skies that create massive waves all around the Arcology. That weather does change from time to time, but it has very little impact on gameplay other than the occasional water splash on your HUD. Europa’s snowstorms, on the other hand, are almost like a world event that can cause major changes to gameplay.

As explained by the designers and artists in today’s ViDoc, Europa’s snowstorms begin rapidly and increase in intensity over time. Players caught out in them will first feel the power through sound and then be blinded by the incredible power of these storms. This will make navigating and fighting particularly challenging, especially considering they seem to be unpredictable.

Narratively, the snowstorms serve as an important part of Europa’s lore. The moon is an inhospitable place densely packed with underground constructs. The developers describe Europa as a time-capsule because the long-abandoned zone has remained unchanged thanks to inclement weather.

The ViDoc was packed with information about the upcoming expansion. We got a roadmap that lays out the release date for all the new content, including the next raid and all the season 12 activities. We found out what happened to Uldren at the end of Forsaken and learned that we’ll be fighting alongside him against the Hive. For a full rundown of everything covered in today’s video, follow this link. That’s a lot of reasons to be excited about Beyond Light, not least of which is the new year-long content plan that will keep seasonal content going all the way up until the next expansion, The Witch Queen.

It’s going to be a cold year for Destiny, but the storms will surely bring some excitement to the forsaken moon.

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