Destiny 2 Brings Back The Leviathan In Season Of The Haunted

Bungie tried something a little different with Season 17. Rather than hype the season up a week or two in advance, the Destiny 2 developer left everything to the very last second. The new trailer was supposed to go up at 11 AM ET, but the trailer dropped a bit early in Japan, so now we finally get our first glimpse at Season of the Haunted.

This season, Guardians will return to the Leviathan, a beloved raid and activity from some of Destiny’s most successful seasons. But this time, our benevolent host is nowhere to be found. Calus is still missing, and it’s up to the Guardians to track him down and stop him from reaching the dormant Pyramid Ship on the Moon.

The Leviathan seems to have fallen into disrepair after Calus left. Worse, Nightmares have invested the ship alongside strange growths that players might remember from the Glykon. Scorn have infested the ship, and the only option is to burn them out with cleansing fire.

Thankfully, Guardians will have all new Solar 3.0 abilities to do just that. Bungie has left the full details of Solar 3.0 a surprise, but the trailer above shows a Titan throwing a Solar hammer, a Hunter slamming the ground with a burning knife, and a Warlock snapping their fingers to launch tendrils of exploding flames.

Season of the Haunted will bring a new scalable activity called Nightmare Containment, and a new weekly mission called Sever where Guardians will scramble through the Leviathan’s innards to "uncover the truth behind Calus’s sinister plan, and sever the Nightmares he controls."

Four weapons return from the Menagerie, including Beloved, Austringer, Calus’ Mini Tool, and Drang (Baroque). Four all-new weapons include a Pulse Rifle, a Trace Rifle, a Rocket Launcher, and a Glaive. Trespasser returns from Destiny 1 as the Season Pass Exotic, while a new Scythe Exotic must be obtained through other means.

A brand new set of Moon-based Legendary armor will be available, and two new sets of ornaments celebrate the arrival of Solar 3.0.

Season of the Haunted arrives in Destiny 2 after today’s update.

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