Destiny 2: Every Possible Way To Obtain Bright Dust

Bright Dust is one of the most valuable currencies in Destiny 2. This rare resource is needed to purchase items from the Eververse store, Destiny 2’s microtransaction store. Players can use Bright Dust to buy Exotic ornaments, unique cosmetic armor sets, Shaders, and much more.

Unless players want to spend real money on Silver, Destiny 2’s premium currency, you’ll want to earn as much Bright Dust as possible. Fortunately, Bungie has made farming Bright Dust infinitely times easier with Season of the Chosen. Thanks to Seasonal Challenges and bounties, players can acquire an impressive amount of Bright Dust without much effort. Here is every way you can obtain Bright Dust in Destiny 2.

How To Earn Bright Dust

Bright Dust is needed for purchasing anything from the Eververse store that doesn’t cost Silver, Destiny 2’s premium currency. Most players will get their Bright Dust from Seasonal Challenges, unique Triumphs that don’t expire until a season ends.

Here is every way you can obtain Bright Dust:

  • Seasonal Challenge Rewards
  • Completing Most Seasonal Challenges In A Given Season
  • Core Activity Vendor Challenges (Zavala, Shaxx, Drifter)
  • Repeatable Bounties
  • Season Pass Ranks
  • Bright Engrams (Rare drop)

Seasonal Challenges

Total Bright Dust: 10,000

Your main source of Bright Dust will come from Seasonal Challenges. Any challenge that lists Bright Dust as a reward will grant 75 Bright Dust. Completing a full week of Seasonal Challenges grants anywhere from 150 to 450 Bright Dust, so it’s a good idea to complete as many of them as possible if you wish to purchase any expensive item from the Eververse store.

Additionally, completing most Seasonal Challenges in a given Season will grant a Large Bright Dust Pile, giving you 4,000 Bright Dust. For Season of the Chosen, this requires you to complete 75 Seasonal Challenges. The total number of Seasonal Challenges is 77, so you’ll need to complete nearly all of them to receive the Bright Dust bundle.

If you haven’t completed many Seasonal Challenges, we have guides covering each weekly challenge set, including tips and strategies to get them done quickly. You can view them on our Beyond Light hub page.

Vendor Weekly Challenges

Potential Total Bright Dust: 14,040

Zavala, Shaxx, and the Drifter each have a weekly challenge that tasks you with completing eight bounties in their respective activity—strikes, Crucible, and Gambit. Completing one of these challenges will grant 120 Bright Dust. These challenges are character bound, meaning you can complete up to nine of these weekly challenges in a week if you have three characters, granting 1,080 Bright Dust. Assuming you did these challenges each week on all three characters, you would earn 14,040 Bright Dust.

Repeatable Bounties

Bright Dust Amount: 10 per bounty

Most repeatable bounties in Destiny 2 grant a small chunk of XP and ten Bright Dust as a reward. Every core activity vendor (Zavala, Shaxx, and the Drifter) sells repeatable bounties located on the far right of their bounty stock. You can hold five repeatable bounties from a specific vendor at a time, and they must be completed within 24 hours after purchase. Unlike daily bounties, repeatable bounties can be repurchased and turned in as many times as you want, hence their name.

Season Pass

Total Bright Dust: 10,500 (Season owners);  7,500 (free players)

Season Passes also provide a large amount of Bright Dust for players that can reach rank 100 in a given Season. Free players and Season owners will get a different amount of Bright Dust from their Season Pass.

  • Free Players: 7,500 Bright Dust
  • Season Owners: 10,500 Bright Dust

Season Pass owners get 3,000 additional Bright Dust in comparison to free players. Be sure to claim all of your Season Pass rewards before a Season ends. If you forgot to do this, you can claim last Season’s Season Pass rewards from

Bright Engrams

Bright Engrams have a meager chance of granting a Bright Dust bundle. They come in three sizes:

  • Small Gift of Bright Dust: 250 Bright Dust
  • Medium Gift of Bright Dust: 500 Bright Dust
  • Huge Gift of Bright Dust: 1,000 Bright Dust

The actual percentage chance of them dropping is unknown. Anecdotally, the chance of obtaining one from a Bright Engram is quite low, hovering around a 10% chance. Larger Bright Dust gifts are rarer.

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