Destiny 2 goes free-to-play, stops exclusives, and adds cross save

Bungie has announced the future of Destiny 2 as an à la carte model where the base game is free and only new expansions are paid for.

It’s a busy week for Destiny 2, as developer Bungie finally breaks silence after splitting with previous publisher Activision.

Bungie will be handling everything themselves from now on and they’ve taken the opportunity to radically alter how the game is played and sold.

Although they don’t use the term themselves the core game is now free-to-play, with what will be known as Destiny 2: New Light including the original base game and Year 1 expansions Curse Of Osiris and Warmind.

New Light will be released on 17 September, the same day as new expansion Shadowkeep. You will have to pay for Shadowkeep but it’s billed as a standalone adventure, with no other purchases required.

As already leaked, Shadowkeep is set on the Moon and will feature ‘new threats’ and new additions to Guardians’ ‘customised arsenal’.

Also happening on 17 September is that Destiny 2 will be available on Steam for the first time, since the break with Activision means Bungie no longer have to use

Current PC players will be able to migrate all their saves and purchases to Steam at no extra cost, but Bungie are implementing ‘cross save’ across all platforms.

As announced in the Stadia Connect livestream, Destiny 2 players will be able access the same characters and saves from the game no matter what format that they’re playing on – and, yes, that does include PlayStation 4 as well.

Bungie’s final annoucement is that there will be no more exclusive weapons, armour, maps, or activities in Destiny 2. Most of the previous exclusives have been for the PlayStation 4 but that will now end and everyone will get access to exactly the same content.

Although not exactly the same, it seems as if Fortnite is the inspiration for many of these changes, with website True Achievements having found evidence of a Deluxe Edition for Shadowkeep which contains four season passes offering ‘a unique set of exclusive seasonal activities, artefacts, and rewards’.

That sounds an awful lot like Fortnite’s battle passes, which have become an industry standard now for free-to-play games.

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