Destiny 2: How To Earn The Glorious Title

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Destiny 2 has overhauled its Competitive PvP experience with Season of the Seraph. Glory has been replaced with Competitive Divisions and a new Competitive playlist, featuring various objective game types and a new ranking system. That overhaul also replaced the Unbroken title with a new PvP-focused title: Glorious.

Glorious is a prestigious title that flexes your skill as a Crucible player, both for standard PvP and Competitive. If you don't fancy Trials or any PvE titles, Glorious might be the title for you. This guide will go over all nine Triumphs tied to the Glorious title, explaining their requirements and giving tips for completing them as quickly as possible.

Forever Valorous

Forever Valorous: Earn Crucible Ranks across all Seasons.

You'll need to earn ten Crucible Ranks to finish this Triumph. If you've played Destiny 2 for any length of time, you've likely already earned some PvP ranks or finished this Triumph entirely. This Triumph refers to your Valor, a reputation system that increases as you play Crucible games in the Quickplay, rotator, or Trials playlists. If you don't have this finished already, focus on the Triumphs first. You'll get this done passively by completing other Triumphs tied to Glorious.

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Prestigious: Reset your Crucible Rank across all Seasons.

Reset your Crucible Valor three times to complete this Triumph. You earn Valor by playing any non-Competitive PvP playlists—Quickplay, rotators, Iron Banner, and Trials of Osiris all count. You'll need to reach max rank (rank 16 at 10,000 points) before you can reset. To reset your Crucible Rank, speak to Lord Shaxx at the Tower and claim all rank-up rewards. This includes Powerful Engrams, cosmetic goods, and the Ascendant Shard awarded for reaching max rank. This will reset your rank and allow you to relevel your Valor. Repeat this two more times to finish the Triumph.

Bear in mind that you don't have to complete all three resets in a single season. If you're a more casual PvP player, aim to reset your Valor at least once per season.

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Decathlete: Complete matches of different gametypes. Each unique gametype increments progress.

Decathlete requires you to play ten different Crucible gametypes. A gametype refers to the match type itself, not the playlist. For example, the Competitive playlist consists of Survival, Showdown, and Rift. That's three gametypes, so playing this single playlist can give you three points.

Here is every gametype available as of Season of the Seraph:

Team Quickplay Playlist



Time-Sensitive Playlists

Iron Banner (Fortress, Rupture, or Rift)

Trials Of Osiris (Survival)

Crucible Labs (Asymmetrical 3v3 Rift)

Competitive Playlist

Rift (3v3)



Weekly Rotating Playlist


Momentum Control


Team Scorched

Rift (6v6)

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Gold Medalist

Gold Medalist: Acquire medals in the Crucible Gold Tier category.

Three gold-tier Crucible medals must be acquired to finish Gold Medalist. Duplicates of the same medal should count for this. Medals are small badges that appear as you land multikills, shutdown Supers, or other notable feats that occur throughout a Crucible match. Gold-tier medals have tougher requirements than most. You can view all PvP medals in the "Triumphs" tab of your inventory, located under the "Medals" banner.

None of these medals are easy to get, but we find these medals a little easier to get:

  • Annihilation: Land final blows on the entire enemy team before any of them respawn.
    • Play Survival or Showdown. Use your Super when the enemy team bunches up.
  • Power Overwhelming: Control: As a team, defeat all opposing Guardians at least once during a single Power Play.
    • Get a pre-made fireteam together. Have two players guard each objective during the Power Play until you earn this medal. Rotate if needed.
    • Saladin's Run: Complete a Rift match with 2 or more carries and a 100% capture rate.
      • Get a pre-made fireteam together and use Stasis. Create Glaciers to block off sightlines, or use Coldsnaps to quickly freeze enemies.
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        Placement Series Matches

        Placement Series Matches: Complete your Placement Series matches in the Competitive playlist.

        The Placement Series refers to the first seven games you play in the Competitive playlist. Placement matches will matchmake you against a wide range of skill levels, so don't expect to win all seven matches. Completing the Placement Series will set your Competitive Division rank, ranging from Copper to Gold. You'll need to reach Platinum rank to earn the Glorious title so try your best.

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        Division Promotion

        Division Promotion: Successfully complete a Promotion Series and get promoted to a higher Division.

        When you reach max rep for a particular Competitive Division, you'll enter a Promotion Series. You must win two of the next three Competitive matches you play to reach a higher division. Lose two games, and you'll enter a Relegation Series, requiring you to win two matches or risk losing a division rank. It's a stressful aspect of the Competitive experience, so only attempt these when you're level-headed and have a good loadout. Prepare by playing a few Quickplay matches before attempting your Promotion Series, and consider getting a fireteam together before attempting this.

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        Division Debut

        Division Debut: Complete matches in the Competitive 3v3 playlist. Earn bonus progress for wins.

        The API states that you need 100 Comp matches under your belt to finish this challenge, but this number seems far lower in practice. Matches give a small chunk of progress, with wins granting noticeably more. Our advice is to focus on reaching Platinum Division before worrying about this. Platinum is required to complete the "Climbing the Ladder" Triumph, something that's going to require quite a few matches for most.

        As for playing a ton of Comp:

        • Take Breaks: If you've reached a new division, take a break. If you lost two games in a row, take a break. Frequent breaks will help minimize tilting and ensure you're calm when playing against tougher opponents.
        • Practice: Before you jump into the Competitive playlist, hop into the Quickplay playlist for a few matches. No one lands all their shots on their first game of the day, so practice.
        • Play The Meta: The meta is popular for a reason. As of Season 19, Pulse Rifles, Titan Storm Grenades, Barricades, and Hunter Invisibility are all quite powerful.
          • Even if you dislike the meta, play a few games with a meta loadout to learn its strengths and weaknesses. It'll help you learn how to counter common playstyles.

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          Climbing The Ladder

          Climbing the Ladder: Achieve Platinum Division in any season.

          Platinum is the fifth Competitive Division you can reach, unlocked by achieving a score of [4,750] points in the Competitive playlist. This is easier said than done. Aggressive Skill-Based Matchmaking and an ability-driven meta can make 1v1 duels downright frustrating, much less objective modes. Patience is what you'll need here, more so than raw gun skill. Keep playing Comp a few times a week, refine your loadouts, and get comfortable playing with your team. There aren't any shortcuts or cheeses here: playing a ton of PvP is the only way you'll get better.

          What we can recommend is that you get a team of like-minded players together. You'll also want to create a proper build for PvP, utilizing armor mods and good stat distribution to maximize your ability uptime and effectiveness. As for guns, you can't go wrong with Pulse Rifles, Dead Man's Tale, or Fusion Rifles. Use what you're comfortable with and get used to your build.

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          Get Those Reps

          Get Those Reps: Earn points by completing objectives in the Competitive 3v3 playlist.

          Besides reaching Platinum Division, this will be the grindiest challenge of the bunch. You must earn 200 points by completing objectives in the 3v3 Competitive playlist. This involves capturing and dunking sparks in Rift, eliminating enemies in Showdown, and winning rounds in Survival. Similar to the "Division Debut" Triumph, this will boil down to playing a ton of PvP matches. Play the objective whenever possible, but don't forget to play around your team and their strengths.

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