Destiny 2: How To Earn The Seraph Title

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Season of the Seraph has introduced multiple titles for Destiny 2 players to chase. Seraph is this season's main title, obtained by completing Heist Battlegrounds and finding hidden collectibles. As far as seasonal titles go, Seraph is quite easy to obtain. There aren't any Triumphs here that are too difficult, nothing on-par with the Ruffian Triumph for Scallywag or the public event challenge for Reaper.

So long as you don't mind looking for collectibles, Seraph is a casual title that anyone can earn. This guide will cover how to complete all ten Triumphs for this title, providing tips and other resources for some of Seraph's toughest requirements.

You only need to complete nine of the listed ten Triumphs to earn the Seraph title. Feel free to skip one of the Triumphs. We recommend skipping "Nodes Found."

Rebuilding Rasputin

Rebuilding Rasputin: Complete the quest "More Than a Weapon."

Season of the Seraph's weekly quest is "More Than a Weapon," requiring players to complete a Heist Battleground every week and speak to various NPCs. It's a straightforward quest that shouldn't take you more than a few hours to complete. As this quest is time-gated, "More Than a Weapon" will require you to wait until week seven to finish every quest objective.

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Gadgets Galore

Gadgets Galore: Unlock all upgrades at the Exo Frame.

The Exo Frame is this season's H.E.L.M. vendor, providing Umbral focusing options and reputation rewards for playing Heist Battlegrounds. For this challenge, you must unlock all Exo Frame upgrades this season. Three of these upgrades (the bottom row) are unlocked by progressing the "More Than a Weapon" seasonal quest. The other upgrades require Exo Frame Modules, an upgrade currency awarded by completing weekly Seasonal Challenges. Two modules may be obtained per weekly set of Seasonal Challenges, meaning all upgrades can be obtained as early as week seven.

For more information on the upgrades themselves, check out our Exo Frame progression guide. And for tips on how to complete Season of the Seraph's Seasonal Challenges, consult the Seasonal Challenges section of our Witch Queen hub.

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Frame Reboot

Frame Reboot: Reset your vendor rank with the Exo Frame.

Exo Frame reputation is earned by completing Heist Battlegrounds. That's it. So long as you actively participate in this season's main activity, you shouldn't have any issues getting this done. To speed up this grind, we recommend wearing four pieces of seasonal armor. The Warmind's Avatar set provides additional reputation for completing Heist Battlegrounds, making it much easier to reset your Exo Frame rank. Bring a good add-clearing build, equip some seasonal armor, and you should be able to get this challenge finished in a few play sessions.

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Authorized Users

Authorized Users: Defeat targets with Season of the Seraph or IKELOS v1.0.3 weapons. Bonus progress for defeating Guardians.

Authorized Users requires you to defeat 600 enemies with Season of the Seraph or reprised IKELOS weapons. Weapons from Spire of the Watcher and the v1.0.2 variants of the IKELOS weapons do not count. We highly recommend you farm for the IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.3 as it has a fantastic perk pool. Feeding Frenzy and Voltshot is what you want, allowing this gun to clear entire waves of enemies with a few well-placed shots.

For getting 600 kills quickly, we recommend Heist Battlegrounds, the Shuro Chi encounter in the Last Wish raid, the opening encounter in the Grasp of Avarice dungeon, or Lost Sectors in Savathun's Throne World.

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Silence The Alarm

Silence the Alarm: Defeat Deathtongue Choristers before they begin the Battlesong in the Heist Battlegrounds playlist.

Deathtongue Choristers are Acolyte minibosses that spawn throughout a Heist Battleground. Choristers will run toward a nearby Annihilator Totem and attempt to trigger a Battlesong. You must kill 15 Choristers before they reach the Annihilator Totem to finish this Triumph. That sounds quite difficult on paper, but this is actually much easier than past seasonal Triumphs that required miniboss kills.

We highly recommend you bring Stasis or Tractor Cannon. You can use Stasis abilities to freeze the Chorister in place to buy yourself some time, or you can use Tractor Cannon to push the Acolyte off the map entirely—it still grants progress. These Acolytes are absurdly tough and will take some major firepower to kill, so don't be afraid to use your Heavy weapon or Super.

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Solid Seraph

Solid Seraph: Complete "Operation: Seraph's Shield."

Seraph's Shield is an Exotic mission that unlocks by completing steps in the "More Than a Weapon" seasonal quest. For this challenge, you just need to clear the mission. Normal and Legend difficulty both count for this Triumph. We recommend playing on Normal if you're a newer player or don't have a strong build. If you played the Witch Queen campaign and loved its Legendary setting, expect the same type of difficulty for Legend Seraph's Shield.

If you haven't completed this mission yet and would like some guidance, give our Seraph's Shield walkthrough a look. Bring a good add-clearing weapon before you start this.

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Nodes Found

Nodes Found: Find all Warmind Nodes across the system.

Warmind Nodes are floating diamonds that contain IKELOS weaponry when opened. These nodes are unlocked by infusing four Resonant Stems into your Enhanced Resonance Amp, an inventory item obtained by completing this season's opening mission. Resonant Stems are obtained by completing Heist Battlegrounds. Open your inventory and interact with your Enhanced Resonance Amp to reveal the location of a Warmind Node. The item will give you a rough idea of where the node is located. A total of 16 nodes must be opened for this Triumph. Nodes are divided to the following locations:

  • Europa: 6
  • Moon: 6
  • Operation Seraph's Shield: 4

The Warmind Nodes themselves are easy to find. Creating a frequency will tell you the node's destination, zone/region, and a hint as to where it is. Getting near the correct node will start to cover your screen in a golden filter. If you're struggling to find a particular Warmind Node, check out Esoterrick's video walkthrough on all 16 node locations. Remember that the node may only be unlocked if you have a matching Resonance Frequency.

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Drones Destroyed

Drones Destroyed: Destroy all security drones with Revision Zero across the system.

The "Security Clearance" and "Tactical Armor" upgrades from the Exo Frame are required to access all 50 security drones. Complete steps in "More Than a Weapon" to unlock these upgrade options.

Security Drones are floating yellow spheres that were added this season, granting Umbral Energy when destroyed with Revision Zero. You must shoot 50 drones with Revision Zero to finish this Triumph. Unlike the Warmind Node Triumph, you can destroy the security drones in any order.

You'll find the 50 drones scattered across multiple destinations, including Seraph Station from the Operation: Seraph's Shield activity. Drones are located on:

  • Europa: 10 drones
  • Heist Battleground: Europa: 6 drones
  • Moon: 10 drones
  • Heist Battleground: Moon: 6 drones
  • Heist Battleground: Mars: 6 drones
  • Seraph Station: 12 drones

We'll have a walkthrough on all 50 locations in a few days. Until then, check out Datto's video walkthrough on where to find all 50 security drones this season.

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Yes, You Can Pet The Dog

Yes, You Can Pet the Dog: Pet the mechanical dog in the H.E.L.M. during the final weeks of Season of the Seraph.

Destroying all 50 security drones will grant access to a mechanical dog at the H.E.L.M., located beside the Exo Frame vendor. Interacting with the dog will initiate "Good Boy Protocol" and cause your Guardian to pet it, granting credit for the Triumph.

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Production Model

Production Model: Earn the Veles-X Pulse Rifle.

Veles-X is this season's ritual weapon, unlocked by reaching rank 16 with any ritual vendor—Zavala, Shaxx, or the Drifter. You just need to obtain the weapon to finish this Triumph, no ornaments required. Check out our Veles-X guide for tips on getting this weapon, its ornaments, and what perks this Pulse Rifle comes with.

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