Destiny 2: How To Reach 1310 Power Level Quickly

Every new season in Destiny 2 raises the Power Level cap by a certain amount. Most seasons will raise the Power cap by 50, but seasons tied to expansions raise this cap by 200. Season of the Chosen is in the former category, increasing the Power Level cap to 1,310.

Fortunately, leveling a character in Destiny 2 has become easier than ever. A plethora of Powerful Gear sources makes reaching this cap a breeze, provided you know how to take advantage of these sources. In this guide, we’ll go over how Power Level works, the current seasonal caps, every Powerful Gear source, and the best means of leveling your Guardian.

How Does Power Level Work?

If you’re a seasoned Destiny 2 player, you can skip this section.

Power Level determines two key things in Destiny 2:

  • How much damage you deal
  • How much damage you can take

The higher your level is, the greater both of these bonuses are. If your Power Level is lower than the activity’s recommended level, you will be taking substantially more damage from enemies and deal less to combatants.

To increase your Power Level, you must obtain new weapons and armor with a higher Power Level rating. All non-sunset loot you obtain will increase your Power Level until you reach the “soft cap.” This cap changes each season. For Season of the Chosen, the soft cap is 1,250 Power.

Once you reach the soft cap, you will need to obtain Powerful Gear rewards from weekly milestones and activities to obtain gear with a higher level. Your Director will list every activity that grants Powerful Gear. We’ll list all of these activities later in the guide.

If you reach a Power Level of 1,300, you have hit the “hard cap” for your character’s level. While this sounds counterintuitive, that is not the actual cap; you can further increase your Power by obtaining Pinnacle Gear from Destiny 2’s most demanding content (raids, Trials of Osiris, et cetera). This is called the “pinnacle cap” and is currently set to 1,310.

The only means of increasing your Power Level past 1,310 is by leveling your Seasonal Artifact. Artifact leveling occurs passively as you earn XP in Destiny 2.

Season Of The Chosen Power Level Bands

Season of the Chosen’s Power Level bands are the following:

  • Soft Cap: 1,250
  • Hard Cap: 1,300
  • Pinnacle Cap: 1,310

Soft Cap

The soft cap can be reached by obtaining any non-sunset gear. This includes:

  • Rares
  • Legendaries (non-sunset)
  • Exotics

Obtaining vendor packages is a reliable way to reach the soft cap in a short period of time.

Hard Cap

Powerful Gear rewards from activities are the main method of reaching the Hard Cap. Prime Engrams can also assist you in achieving this cap.

Pinnacle Cap

Pinnacle Gear rewards are the only way of increasing your gear’s Power past 1,300.

All Power Level Sources

You can find every source of Powerful and Pinnacle Gear below. These activities are listed by the reward type. Note that these activities are character-bound. If you have more than one character, you can level your second and third characters to increase your Power Level even faster.

General Power Sources

  • Seasonal Artifact: This grants Power Level based on how much XP you’ve earned. Artifact Power is disabled in contest mode raids, Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner.
  • World Drops (Soft Cap Only): If you aren’t at the soft cap, any items you find will increase your Power Level.

Powerful Gear (Tier 1) Sources

These sources drop +3 levels higher than your current Power.

  • Prime Engrams: These drop at +3 above your current Power.
  • Zavala: Turn in eight Vanguard bounties to Zavala.
  • Lord Shaxx: Turn in eight Crucible bounties to Shaxx.
  • The Drifter: Turn in eight Gambit bounties to the Drifter.
  • Banshee-44: Turn in eight Gunsmith bounties to Banshee-44.
  • Core Playlist Completions: Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit games all have a small chance of granting a Powerful Gear reward when completed.
  • Nightfall Playlist Completions: Complete three Nightfalls. Higher difficulty completions grant more progress.
  • Competitive PvP Completions: Finish three Glory-enabled PvP games.
  • Glory Rank Ups: Increase your subdivision or division Glory rank.
  • Trials of Osiris: Win Trials of Osiris matches.
  • Exo Stranger: Defeat 100 combatants with Stasis not on Europa.
  • Variks: Turn in eight Europa bounties to Variks
  • Empire Hunt Completions: Complete three Empire Hunts on Europa. Higher difficulty completions grant more progress.
  • The Crow (Tangled Shore): Complete three Wrathborn Hunts. If you don’t own Season of the Hunt, this is unavailable.

Powerful Gear (Tier 2) Sources

These sources drop +4 levels higher than your current Power.

  • Battleground Completions: Complete three Battlegrounds in the Battleground playlist.

Note: While Hawthorne’s weekly states that it gives this reward type, she actually gives Pinnacle Gear when her weekly milestone is reached.

Pinnacle Gear Sources

These sources drop +5 levels higher than your current Power.

  • Hawthorne: Earn 5,000 Clan XP.
  • Vanguard Strike Completions: Complete three playlist strikes as the same Subclass element as the current burn.
  • 100,000 Score Nightfall: Earn 100,000 score in a Nightfall run.
  • Valor PvP Completions: Complete three Valor Crucible games (Control, Rumble, et cetera).
  • Iron Banner Bounties: Four bounties are sold by Lord Saladin when Iron Banner is active, each granting one piece of Pinnacle Gear.
  • Flawless Trials of Osiris: Win seven consecutive games in Trials of Osiris.
  • Gambit Matches: Complete three Gambit matches.
  • Exo Challenge: Complete the Europa Exo Challenge.
  • Master Empire Hunt: Beat a Master Empire Hunt.
  • Deep Stone Crypt Raid: Finish encounters in the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Each encounter grants Pinnacle Gear, so it grants four sources per character per week.
  • Prophecy Dungeon: Finish encounters in the Prophecy dungeon. Each encounter grants Pinnacle Gear, so it grants four sources of Pinnacle Gear.
  • Harbinger Mission: Finish the Harbinger mission on the EDZ. Note that this requires Season of the Hunt ownership.

Leveling Tips

Complete Pinnacle Gear challenges whenever your items have a similar Power Level. This will grant a major boost to one slot, making Powerful Gear rewards “even out” your other slots. Be sure to complete bounties while completing weeklies, as the XP they provide can greatly accelerate your Artifact’s progression. The more XP you earn, the more Power Level you’ll receive.

If you have more than one character, it is best to level the character you play/like the least. When you’re done leveling them, transfer your guns to your second character. Level that character, transfer your weapons once more to your main character, then complete every weekly milestone. This will nearly ensure that you reach the hard cap in the first week of a given season.

Finally, if you want to rush to the hard cap as fast as possible, give the Glory Crucible playlist a shot. If you win most of your games, nearly every match will give you a subdivision or division rank up, granting Powerful Gear as a reward. A few hours of Competitive Crucible is enough to gain nearly a dozen Power.

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