Destiny 2: Lightfall’s Latest Trailer Introduces Neomuna And Reintroduces The Mysterious Floating Fish

Destiny 2 released a new trailer today showcasing the city of Neomuna, the second last bastion of humanity on the planet Neptune. For the longest time, it was assumed that the human survivors of The Collapse were all congregated in The Last City, the spot where Guardians return to after successful missions. But the coming Lightfall expansion will introduce a new human faction that survived the fall hidden in the gaseous atmosphere of Neptune.

Besides showing us Neomuna’s cyberpunk aesthetic, the new trailer dropped a bombshell for Destiny lore hunters. The mysterious floating fish that first flitted around the Exo Stranger in cutscenes in Beyond Light has finally returned. Only, it doesn’t appear to be an alternate form of Ghost as many had assumed.

Guardians were first shown the floating fish way back in Beyond Light, where its proximity to the Exo Stranger (later revealed to be Elisabeth Bray) made fans believe it would be a new Darkness-based Ghost. Turns out that the Darkness Ghosts were just our regular Ghosts who mildly objected to the use of Darkness. After that, the mysterious fish completely vanished, both in-game and out. Even when speaking with the Exo Stranger, the fish was nowhere to be seen, and there was absolutely no mention of it even after the release of the Witch Queen expansion.

If you skip to around the 26-second mark in the new trailer, we see the fish are actually just some sort of advanced living construct that’s floating in the air of Neomuna. Not exactly a game-defining new character, but it’s nice to have a teaser from two years ago finally be explained.

Elsewhere in the trailer, we got to see the new Darkness subclass, called The Strand, shown off with some high-flying grappling shots that take Guardians all around Neomuna. Despite being told that Strand grappling wouldn't be like Spider-Man web shots, it bouth sounded and looked very similar in the trailer. According to game director Joe Blackburn, Strand shots will have a base cooldown time that prevents them from being used like Spider-Man, although there will be certain segments of Neomuna where the cooldown will be removed.

Lightfall arrives on February 28.

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