Destiny 2 Unlocks Every Non-Raid Armor Mod Starting Today

We're just a few weeks away from Lightfall and Bungie, and outside a few trailers and some interviews, has only really given us the broad strokes of what to expect in the coming expansion. The nitty-gritty details of what will happen to Destiny 2's sandbox is still largely unknown, but that ended with a few tweets yesterday.

The biggest announcement concerned armor mods and we won't even have to wait until Lightfall to feel the effects. Starting today, all standard, non-raid armor mods are unlocked for everyone. For new players, that means there's no more need to check in with Ada every week to see what she's selling. You'll be able to access every armor mod that veterans have had for years, and you'll be able to launch into buildcrafting starting today.

Bungie had a few more announcements too. Starting next week, the focusing cost of Engrams for Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner, Crucible, and Gambit weapons and armor will be reduced to 25 Legendary Shards each. Adept weapons focusing for Trials of Osiris will also be reduced to just 50 Legendary Shards. With Grandmaster Nightfalls arriving on January 17, Bungie promised a Grandmaster power cap structure that's "more approachable for all players, while remaining some of our most challenging content."

Fans have generally received the news positively on the Destiny 2 subreddit, with some seeing the armor charges as the first sign of an armor system overhaul coming in Lightfall. Fans have complained that the armor mod system as it stands is too restrictive, often requiring complete rebuilds if players want to try something else using the armor they already have masterworked. Here’s hoping that gets addressed with the upcoming expansion.

Destiny 2 Lightfall arrives on February 28.

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