Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Shadowkeep, can cost less than you’d think

If you're a Destiny fan, you'll know that major expansions are a huge event in the gaming calendar. Whether the Taken King expansion for the first game, the slightly smaller Rise of Iron or last year's amazing Forsaken, these expansions have the potential to fundamentally change Destiny and the way fans play.

Tomorrow's launch of Shadowkeep is no different – it adds the Moon (returning from the first Destiny), along with new missions, weapons, armor, secrets, and, of course, a new raid.

Where things do differ is in the way the expansion is being sold. Shadowkeep isn't available as a boxed copy along with the original Destiny 2 – this expansion is only available digitally. With that in mind, prices are limited, but we've done our best to find a deal or two. Also, since Bungie has split from publisher Activision, Destiny 2 content can now be found on Steam for PC players.

Shadowkeep – Standard Edition:

PlayStation 4 – PlayStation Store – £29.99

Xbox One and PC – Amazon – £29.99

PC – CDKeys – Steam – £26.99

Shadowkeep – Digital Deluxe Edition:

This version includes passes for the next four seasons of content and exclusive cosmetics.

PlayStation 4 – PlayStation Store – £49.99

Xbox One and PC – Amazon – £49.99

PC – CDKeys – Steam – £44.99

Stay tuned for our review of Shadowkeep in the near future.

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