Destiny 2’s Next Season Will Let Guardians Unlock All Artifact Mods

Bungie just unleashed its first TWAB of 2022, and it's a doozy. For the coming Season 16 and Destiny 2: Witch Queen expansion, Guardians will be able to unlock all 25 mods from the seasonal artifact–provided they grind enough XP.

“Starting in Season 16, players will no longer be limited to the number of Artifact mods they can unlock," reads today's This Week At Bungie update. "This means that players could feasibly unlock all 25 Artifact mods by the end of the Season!"

A long-requested QOL improvement, unlocking all seasonal artifact mods will still require an investment. The first 12 mods should unlock at roughly the same rate as they do now, but tweaks to the XP gains will mean that the remaining 13 artifact mods will unlock much slower. This'll likely feel similar to the way the seasonal artifact grants bonus light levels.

The TWAB also had a few more tidbits worth mentioning. Next season's artifact mod will feature Anti-Barrier Scout and Bow anti-champion mods, as well as Overload Auto-Rifle and SMG. The new Glaive weapon will receive an Unstoppable mod, while the Glaive itself will be highlighted "through a variety of artifact mods."

Another big QOL change coming in Witch Queen will be to masterworked armor. Currently, changing the elemental affinity of a masterworked armor piece is prohibitively expensive which greatly limits the opportunity for build-crafting. Starting in Season 16, changing the elemental affinity of masterworked armor will only cost 10,000 Glimmer and one Upgrade Module.

Finally, Orbs of Power are getting reworked. Currently, multi-kills with masterworked weapons will generate Orbs of Power. In Season 16, Orbs of Power will instead only be generated from multi-kills if the player is wearing the new orb generation mod. This new mod will slot into Guardians' head armor and award orbs from multi-kills of "a particular damage type," either kinetic, arc, solar, void, or stasis.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen and Season 16 both arrive on February 22. You can check out Savathun's Throne World in the latest trailer here.

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