Destiny Foreshadowed Lightfall In Its Original Cover Art

Destiny 2's Season of the Seraph came to a close yesterday, paving the way to Lightfall and the events that will bring an end to the saga of light versus dark. The cinematic, which Guardians saw after completing the Abhorent Imperative mission, showed the Traveler seemingly about to abandon the Last City. Eramis had gained control of the Warsats and was planning on blowing the Traveler away, but the heroic sacrifice of Rasputin (with a little help from the Guardians) foiled Eramis and saved the Traveler, who apparently didn't flee because it had "nowhere left to run."

That ending cinematic, and Season of the Seraph in general, has received universal praise from fans. Eagle-eyed Guardians were especially impressed with the number of callbacks to the original Destiny in the cinematic, with many scenes taken straight out of Destiny 1 artwork.

The scene where the Traveler seems to hang just above Earth, either indecisive or trapped? That's essentially the cover art for Destiny 1. In fact, as noted by one perceptive Guardian, that entire scene was ripped from the original Destiny 1 trailer.

The callbacks don't end there. Plenty of players notice that the three Guardians standing behind Zavala are actually the three Guardians that were showcased in Destiny 1's art. You tragically can't get Titan armor without shoulders the size of Montana anymore, which might have confused some players that only remember Titan armor from Destiny 2.

If you want some cool 4K screenshots taken from the cinematic, Mr_Vegetable has a few to share that will tide you over until Lightfall arrives on February 28. In the meantime, the Traveler is no longer hovering over the Tower in the Last City, and Guardians can experience some new dialog in the Heist Battlegrounds that explore a little more of Eramis’ backstory.

The future of Destiny 2 is looking brighter and brighter. Game director Joe Blackburn confirmed the more changes to Destiny's power grind are coming through the year of Lightfall, including more power scaling in new content and an entire season where the player's level cap won't rise at all.

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