Diablo 3 Season 25 Start date: When does new Season begin on PS4 and Xbox?

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The Diablo 3 Season 25 start date has not been announced yet by Blizzard but there are several clues to suggest that we are only a few weeks away at the most.

The latest news is that testing for the game’s next PTR build, which includes Season 25, has been completed, removing one of the latest obstacles from its launch.

A message from the Diablo team confirms: “PTR 2.7.2 testing has ended. Thank you all for your contributions and support. See you next season.”

With testing now completed, Blizzard could launch Diablo 3 Season 25 in the coming weeks. But with Season 24 scheduled to end on December 4, there is no chance of the next update arriving this month.

However, based on previous months, we would expect the new season of Diablo to start between December 10 and December 17.

And like in the past, some gamers will be waiting longer than others to play. Those using PS4, Xbox One or Switch consoles will likely have to wait 10-hours longer than those on PC, due to how Blizzard performs updates and maintenance.

Meanwhile, Diablo developers have also shared a complete rundown of what they have planned for Season 25, including news covering the theme and the evolution of Soul Shards.

Season 25 will introduce the new type of socketable item, which will be available in seven forms. These will also be unique Soul Shards, based on the Lords of Hell, which give players demonic new powers.

One of 3 Prime Evil Soul Shards can be equipped into Helms and one of 4 Lesser Evil Soul Shards can be equipped into Weapons. Each Soul Shard can be upgraded three times using a new seasonal-exclusive consumable, the Hellforge Ember.

Diablo trailer

Soul Shards and Hellforge Embers can drop from anywhere in Sanctuary, but Soul Shards have a higher chance to drop from Bosses. Soul Shards cannot be traded, but can be salvaged or utilized in Caldesann’s Despair.

A developer note covering Season 25 adds: “With the upcoming 25th Anniversary of the Diablo Franchise, we wanted players to delve into the darker side of the Nephalem’s past.

“In Season 25, players can embrace evil by infusing themselves with the essences of the Lords of Hell. Players will embark on their Season Journey to discover and upgrade demonic Soul Shards based on the seven Lords of Hell.

“By embodying a Prime and Lesser Evil, players will inflict new forms of pain and suffering on the demons of Sanctuary. We can’t wait for players to get their hands on Soul Shards to start unlocking their true power.”

Blizzard has not shared its plans for the Season 25 release date but is expected to reveal the schedule for Diablo 3 very soon.

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