Dinkum: How To Repair Tools

The world of Dinkum is huge, and it has a ton of different activities for the player. You get to decide what you want to do on a particular day, from mining, fishing, chopping trees, farming, hunting for treasure, or simply changing the layout of your base or adding more decorations to it.

While the choice is all yours, it requires different tools to perform different actions in the game. Most of the tools in the game have a certain amount of uses as their charges deplete, and they eventually break. If you don't repair your tools before that, you're going to lose them forever.

Repairing Tools In Dinkum

It can be very frustrating to craft or buy your tools every next day when you don't have the means to repair them. At the same time, getting the required material to repair your tools can be equally frustrating if you get unlucky.

This is because the first step to getting your tools repaired is to get a visit from the scientist, Franklyn, which is completely dependent on RNG. Franklyn is one among numerous residents in Dinkum who cycle their visits every second day after you make a permanent residence for John.

Franklyn is hungry for Shiny Disks that you can acquire by breaking the barrels scattered randomly across your world, or by treasure hunting using a Metal Detector and a Shovel. Whenever you give him one of the disks, he learns a new item that you can then commission him to make.

Once you get your hands on the disks, do not sell them to John no matter how many you have. Franklyn gives you an unbelievable amount of Dinks for every disk that you give him. So, the best way to use these disks is to give them to him.

Once you've submitted a few disks to him, you can commission him to make a repair table using four Tin and Bars, 16 Nails, five Old Gear, and five Gum Wood Planks. Finally, he will require a total of 60,000 Dinks to make your Repair Table until the next day.

Don't worry though, even if Franklyn is just visiting your world and will disappear the next day, the Table will still arrive in your mail, and you won't have to wait for his next arrival.

Once you commission Franklyn for the Repair Table, make sure you buy a Repair Kit which is the box on a table at the back of his tent. Once you have both the items, put all the tools that require a repair in your Inventory with the Repair Kit and use it at the table to bring the tools back to full charges.

It is important to note that the Repair Kit can be used only once, and you'll have to buy it again if you want to repair your tools again.

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