Dino Crisis Video Shows Off What A Current-Gen Remake Could Look Like

Dino Crisis is a fabled title in the back catalogue of Capcom. It arrived on the PlayStation at its peak, being one of those later-stage games, like Driver and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, that helped to make Sony's first games console such a mainstream success.

There were sequels, with Dino Crisis 2 arriving just a year later on the PS1; a light gun spin-off called Dino Stalker on the PS2; and Dino Crisis 3 which arrived on Xbox in 2003. But since then fans of the series have been left pining for another sequel or a reboot. But there are fans who haven't been idle, and they've imagined the remake they want with their own remake projects of Dino Crisis.

Capcom did announce a new dino shooter, but it wasn't Dino Crisis. It was instead a new title called Exoprimal, which we thought looked more like a dinosaur Anthem and a hero shooter. Fans were also tricked by the red-haired character featured in Exoprimal promos, since it looked like it was Dino Crisis agent Regina. But alas, it wasn't to be. But a video that has cut together various fan-made projects and other in-development dinosaur games reimagines Dino Crisis for the modern day.

The video has done a great job imagining a current-gen version of Dino Crisis and the results look mouthwatering. "Take a look at this GREAT footage from different Unreal Engine 5 reels and projects and imagine how a new DINO CRISIS remake or the new DINO CRISIS 4 might possibly look like using this new engine," the description reads.

However, the video is made up of quite a number of different clips. It features models of Regina by artist Mike Wilson and concept art by artist Alexander Forssberg (linked in the video's description), while it appears footage from survival horror games The Lost Wild and Deathground were also used. The Lost Wild is an in-development first-person survival horror that has the player trying to escape scary dinos. Deathground is another forthcoming title with dinos, and is listed on Steam as a solo and co-op survival horror that has players battling AI dinos.

Unfortunately, it might be some time before we ever see an official remake of Dino Crisis, but at least there are games that'll combine survival action with those big-toothed featherless chickens.

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