Dirt 5 Patch Adds Steering Wheel Support

Codemasters has given Dirt 5 fans an early Christmas present by announcing the racer’s first, major update. Update 2.00 brings a sleigh full of tweaks including a number of bug fixes as well as wheel-support across all platforms and is available today on Steam. Update 2.00 for PlayStation and Xbox will follow in the next few days.

Dirt 5 is the eighth Dirt game and 14th title in the Colin McRae Rally series, which is about to receive a truck full of enhancements. The update’s highlight, of course, is the cross-platform wheel-support, which will cover most modern wheel devices – including the latest Logitech and Thrustmaster range. Console owners can now join the ranks of PC users on the wheel-support front, and Codemasters also noted that this update would extend to PlayStation and Xbox’s next-gen variants.

Update 2.00 also offers a significant number of bug fixes and optimizations that Codemasters say will “enhance the racing experience”. Visual updates target the Frame Rate mode on Xbox Series X, as well as Image Quality mode on Xbox One and PS4. Technical changes have also been made to the online matchmaking process, where search times for lobbies have been increased to detect more live lobbies. Bug fixes cover the PS5 glitch that didn’t allow trophies to be unlocked, as well as crashing issues in the post-race menus, and general stability and quality of life improvements across all platforms.

Dirt 5 also received The Snow Limits free content pack in Update 2.00 to get you in the festive spirit, which offered a handful of free goodies. Two new liveries for the Ford Mustang GT4 and the Porsche Cayenne Transsyberia were included in the pack, in addition to the new race circuit Ice Breaker, and new seasonal objects to use in Playgrounds mode. The pack was announced via a trailer that featured enough bells to put Santa’s sleigh to shame.

While the racer has an exciting festive season coming up for fans, Dirt 5 also features two of the most iconic voices in video games. Nolan North and Troy Baker each play a role and North believes that his character – antagonist Bruno Durand – is largely “misunderstood”.

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