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Disgaea, as a series, has always had a focus on grinding. If your numbers aren’t getting bigger, then you are doing something wrong. Disgaea 6 is no exception. In fact, the game’s story is heavily focused on the concept of endless grinding to gain unimaginable power. Luckily, there are more ways than ever to get stronger in this latest entry.

Whilst not a unique feature of Disgaea 6, the Cheat Shop is arguably one of the most powerful. As the name implies, it allows you to “cheat” – or more specifically, change the game’s parameters to suit your needs. If you want to make the most of your time, then using the Cheat Shop is a must.

What Is The Cheat Shop?

The Cheat Shop allows you to alter all kinds of parameters within Disgaea. Think of it as an advanced custom difficulty slider. You can do everything from making enemies more powerful to increasing how much EXP you gain multiple times over. You can find it in the bar, near the Dark Assembly.

What Can The Cheat Shop Do?

In short, the Cheat Shop can make your life significantly easier. If you want to earn billions of HL, thousands of levels, and max every skill, then this is the place to be.

Obtain Rate

These cheats alter the rate at which you obtain resources in Disgaea 6. If you want to increase one “resource”, then you will need to reduce others in kind. This allows you to tailor your grinding experience.

All base values are 100%.

EXP Adjust the amount of EXP you earn.
Mana Adjust the amount of Mana you earn.
Money Adjust the amount of HL you earn.
Weapon MasteryAdjust how much Weapon Mastery you earn. This directly influences what special skills you will have access to
Special Skill EXPAdjust the amount of Skill EXP you earn. This directly influences your Proficiency with skills – reducing their SP cost
Class Proficiency Adjust the amount of Class Proficiency earned. This directly influences how Evilities a character can learn, as well as what classes are unlocked at the Quest Shop


This section of the Cheat Shop influences how you engage in battle. This includes Enemy Strength and Innocent Towns.

Enemy Strength Increase the power of every enemy in the game. This is rated via a 20-star system. The more stars, the stronger the enemy. This also increases how much EXP, Mana, and HL you will earn.
Skip Innocent TownsThis removes the Innocent Town from the Item World. These normally appear every 10 floors. This allows you to fight through the Item World faster, but forces you to use Mr Gency Exits if you want to leave.


These are just fun additions to the game that you can mess around with.

Squeaky SandalsThis will, as the name implies, give you squeaky shoes when wandering the Fourth-Dimensional Netherworld
Everyone Is A BombEveryone explodes when they are thrown. Everyone essentially becomes a Prinny.


These cheats allow you to mess with the difficulty by limiting yourself. These allow you to introduce self-imposed challenges.

EXP 0 No EXP will be gained
Mana 0No Mana will be gained
Money 0 No HL will be gained
Weapon Mastery 0No Weapon Mastery will be gained
Special Skill EXP 0 No Skill EXP will be gained
Class Proficiency 0No Class Proficiency will be gained
No CancelYou can no longer cancel a move or action
No Bonus ItemsYou can no longer gain bonus items at the end of a Stage.


These cheats are all about automating your inventory. This is especially useful if you already have powerful weapons, from DLC for example, or if you aren’t using those weapons. Be aware that many items can be used to farm Innocents, level up side characters, complete quests, and bribe the Dark Assembly.

Auto-Sell Turn on the Auto-Sell feature
Auto-Sell Type Converts items into HL and Points
Auto-Sell FistsAuto-Sell all Fist weapons
Auto-Sell SwordsAuto-Sell all Sword weapons
Auto-Sell Spears Auto-Sell all Spear weapons
Auto-Sell BowsAuto-Sell all Bow weapons
Auto-Sell GunsAuto-Sell all Gun weapons
Auto-Sell AxesAuto-Sell all Axe weapons
Auto-Sell Staves Auto-Sell all Stave weapons
Auto-Sell ArmourAuto-Sell all Armour
Auto-Sell AccessoriesAuto-Sell all Accessories
Auto-Sell Secret Scrolls Auto-Sell all Secret Scrolls. This includes Skill Scrolls and Evility Scrolls.
Auto-Sell Etc. ItemsAuto-Sell all Etc. Items
Auto-Sell CommonsAuto-Sell all Common items, regardless of category
Auto-Sell RaresAuto-Sell all Rare items, regardless of category
Auto-Sell LegendsAuto-Sell all Legendary items, regardless of category

Best Way To Use The Cheat Shop

How you use the Cheat Shop depends on what you want to do at any given time. However, we have some rough settings for certain tasks to give you a hand.


When it comes to grinding, you want to make sure you are going to the Cheat Shop and reducing everything to its lowest level, except the thing you are grinding and Mana. If you are trying to level up, then increase EXP, and lower everything else except Mana. Same with HL, Weapon Mastery, etc.

This way you will gain a huge increase in your gains in that specific area, whilst not neglecting Mana. Mana is used in all kinds of things – such as powering up your Skills, learning new Evilities, Super Reincarnation, and Character Creation. You want to have a healthy supply of Mana, so it’s usually best to keep that setting at 100 percent – unless you are trying to grind Mana of course.

You will also want to use Enemy Strength. Grinding low-level enemies is only going to get you so far. You will eventually get to the point where you can kill enemies who are thousands of levels above you, at level one. Crank up the Enemy's Strength and take advantage of the increased gains as a result.


If you are going to use Auto-Sell – which is something you should do when grinding – then we advise you to turn on the “catch-all” options. For example, turning on Auto-Sell Commons is usually a safe bet. Commons are woefully inadequate compared to most things, and many commons can be bought at the Item Shop – so you aren’t missing out.

Turning on Auto-Sell and targeting a specific item type is also great. For example, our party is not using Bows or Spears. There is no reason not to Auto-Sell those items. Just make sure to turn off Auto-Sell from time to time, as you will need certain items to progress quests etc.

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