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If you want to turn a character in Disgaea 6 from zero to hero without doing any work, then look no further than the Juice Bar. This is a new feature added to Disgaea that allows players yet another way to gain unfathomable amounts of power in the shortest amount of time possible.

Whether you want to get a veteran character up to snuff after a Super Reincarnation, or if you want to create a new Character and immediately max out all of their stats without any battle experience, the Juice Bar has you covered. Be warned, however, that the Juice Shop can very quickly drain your resources if you use it too much.

What Is The Juice Bar?

The Juice Bar is a place in the Fourth-Dimensional Netherworld that allows you to convert stored Mana, EXP, and Extracts into a refreshing beverage, and hand it to any character in your party. This allows you to increase stats, Mana reserves and levels without having to do anything. The catch? It costs HL.

The stronger your juice, the more expensive it will be to create. You can very quickly wrack up price tags in the billions if you aren’t careful.

Types Of Drink

There are three types of drink you can create at the Juice Bar, and they are all-powerful in their own right. They are Status, Class Proficiency, and Weapon Mastery.


This drink will likely be your go-to. In fact, you might forget there are other drinks available because this drink is so obviously fantastic. Status drinks allow you to convert all of your Stored EXP, Mana, and Extracts into actual EXP, Mana, and Stats for your characters. You can turn a level one scrub into a level 9999 god in a single slurp. You can max out stats instantly without having to bother with growth rates. You can even force the best Super Reincarnations and Character Creations by downing some extra Mana.

This is immediate power without any work.

Class Proficiency

Class Proficiency drink allow you to convert Stored EXP into Proficiency. This might not seem like a particularly powerful drink at first, but with a bit of experimentation, you can do some seriously impressive things.

For example, you can bypass any Class Requirement Quests simply by going to the Bar and gaining the required stats. Not only that, but you also unlock Evilities for classes without ever Super Reincarnating into another Class.

If you want to make your Warrior into an expert Counter Attacker, then throwing some drinks at him that increase his Martial Artist Proficiency will make that happen.

Finally, Class Proficiency also unlocks higher tiers of class. For example, if any character has Proficiency in the Warrior Class, then you unlock a more powerful variant of that Class. You can instantly unlock the highest tier of Class by doing this – providing you have the HL and Stored EXP of course.

Weapon Mastery

Another easily overlooked drink that can be used to skyrocket your characters without having to do anything. Once again using Stored EXP, Weapon Mastery drinks allow characters to instantly raise their Mastery with any given weapon.

Weapon Mastery dictates how many bonus stats you get for using a weapon. Having a Martial Artist with 100 Mastery in Fists will deal substantially more damage than a similar character who has little-to-no Mastery.

How To Acquire Stored EXP, Mana, and Extracts

Knowing how to make juice is all well and good, but you still need the materials to create it. Thankfully, it is very easy to gather the resources required – all you have to do is play the game.

Stored EXP, Mana, and Extracts all come from doing the same things – killing things. Kill enemies, gather Stage Bonus Rewards, and venture through the Item World – they all feed into the Juice Bar.

If you want even more bang for your buck, then upgrade and assign members to the Juice Bar Squad. You will be drowning in resources in no time. This is especially true when you consider how easy it is to grind in Disgaea 6. Simply set the game away, go for a drink, maybe a bite to eat, and by the time you get back you have gathered a healthy supply of Stored material, as well as any progress from the grinding process. Win-win.

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