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Mobile hit Dislyte has won an army of fans thanks to its many and varied boss battles. There’s a 100-level challenge, extensive story mode, and PvP via Clubs and the Point War. But if you want the best Espers maxed out to full potential, you’ll be spending a lot of time in Trials farming Waves and Relics.

To Ascend your Purple Espers, you’ll need to take on Flowrunner in the Sonic Miracle and collect Flow Waves. Some of the most popular Espers in the game fall into this category, including Dhalia, Chang Pu, Donar, and early game favourite Mona. If you want them at their best, check out how to defeat Flowrunner below.

How The Sonic Ritual Works

You’ll find the Sonic Ritual in the Trials section on the home screen. There are four boss battles to choose from, with each one giving guaranteed Wave rewards in a different Esper colour. However, for most of the week these bosses rotate on a 24-hour timer – two on, two off. This means you may have to wait for most of a day before you can face Flowrunner, so do try to keep an eye on when it will be available to avoid disappointment.

Once available, you can choose any difficulty level that you’ve previously defeated – with each harder level becoming available once you’ve beaten the one before. If you’re looking for the best Elite Flow Waves as rewards, you need to be fighting on difficulty level six or higher.

Flowrunner Information

Wave one consists of a Flow Distortion and two Feeling Refractor mobs. The feeling refractors are quite weak, dealing low damage alongside a minor self-heal and a 50-50 chance to inflict SPD down to one Esper (two turns). The Flow Distortion is a little trickier, healing all mobs and potentially adding to your Espers' cooldowns. Take him out first, as otherwise you may go into the next wave without your big guns being ready with their stronger abilities.

Flowrunner itself arrives alone as wave two. It’s a unique boss, relying on healing itself as much as it does on doing damage to you:

  • Maelstrom Pulse: Flowrunner’s standard attack, damaging a single Esper once.
  • Devouring Wave: A stronger attack, damaging all Espers.
  • Sonic Life (Passive): Flowrunner heals itself when dealing damage.

As with all Sonic Miracle bosses, Flowrunner has one big play you need to work out how to get around. The two easiest ways to do this are to inflict Disease so it cannot heal, or manipulate AP so much that you can take it down before it has a chance to gain any healing traction.

Which Espers Are Best For Flowrunner?

Alongside support in the shape of SPD and AP buffs and debuffs, and the ability to inflict Disease, you’ll want the majority of your squad putting out big damage. If you do feel the need to take a healer along, try to make sure they’re dual purpose.

DPS Espers

Flowrunner is a Purple boss, so your Green Espers will be landing the most hits and doing the most damage. Purple and Neutral damage-dealers will also be effective, but your Orange Espers – probably the most DPS-heavy colour – are at a disadvantage.

Esper NameColourOverview
Lin XiaoNeutralAn ever-present for single-target boss battle Esper lists, thanks to the ridiculous damage she can build up through Tiger Roar – plus the chance to inflict SPD down and Bleed. But even more useful here, with basic attack Tiger Fist having a high chance to inflict Disease.
ChalmersNeutralHis main Gold Pulse attack can deal huge damage, based on the enemy’s max HP, while his second ability Vita Lightbeam has up to a 60 percent chance of causing Disease.
Tang YunGreenGreat single target damage capability via Avatara and Talisman of Inward Ability, both of which have the chance of inflicting follow-up Polearm attacks.
SanderOrangeDespite being the wrong colour Esper for this battle, his SPD manipulation can still make him an effective DPS for taking on Flowrunner if built well.

Support Espers

You’re looking to make Flowrunner’s heals ineffective via inflicting Disease, or keep it from using its heal ability via AP and SPD manipulation:

Esper NameOverview
DhaliaGives your DPS Espers AP, C.RATE, and ATK up with Sonic Camo, while inflicting SPD down with Umbra Attack – a great one-two punch.
MelanieThe absolute queen of AP manipulation. On a good day, this Esper can take Flowrunner’s ability to heal out of the picture by denying it any attack.
Tang XuanHas a chance to gain Scorch when attacking, which can subsequently inflict Disease on his targets when he deals damage.
LaylaA common if often unloved neutral Esper. At full potential, Berserker Ray can be cast once every three turns – which has a strong chance (up to 75 percent) to inflict Disease for two turns. And the Poison DoT on Gaze of the True Gods helps too.

For inflicting Disease, you may also want to consider adding Leon and Luo Yan to your squad.

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