Disney Dreamlight Valley: Ursula Character Guide

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The protagonists featured in Disney movies have gotten popular over the years, and the same can be said for some antagonists. Disney Dreamlight Valley doesn't discriminate between these, as you can hang out with both kinds of characters to your heart's content. Ursula is one of the many characters featured in the game.

The Sea Witch can be unlocked after completing a certain story quest. This is unique because most of the characters are either in the valley already, or they're unlocked with their character quest. There are only a few, like Ursula, that are unlocked through the main story itself.

How To Get Ursula's Quest

Unfortunately, you can't simply unlock this character at the beginning of the game because she doesn't have a specific door in the Dream Castle. To unlock Ursula, you'll have to get through a few things that might take a while. Here are all the requirements:

  • When you head over to Peaceful Meadows and finish some of Merlin's starting quests, he will ask for your help in restoring the Pillar of Friendship. This will require you to get to a specific friendship level with three different characters.
  • Once the orb is in the pillar, you'll be able to unlock different areas across the valley using some Dreamlight. You have to unlock the Dazzle Beach at this point to get the With Great Power… quest.

How To Get Ursula In Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you unlock Dazzle Beach, a cutscene will play where you'll see a cave being blocked by some dark aura. You'll get the quest from Merlin where you're supposed to explore this cave. It can take a bit of time to find this since it's very secluded.

There are two parts to Dazzle Beach and the bridge between them is blocked with debris you cannot clear in the early game. You need to head back to Peaceful Meadows and go down the path on the eastern side.

Stick to the wall on the left, and you'll be able to go through a tiny beach pathway. Once you've followed the path for a bit, you'll find the ominous cave on your left with a yellow lantern in front of it.

Simply get close to the cave or interact with it to find Ursula inside. Upon talking to her, she will tell you that she was looking for the Orb of Power and went into the wrong cave. Further, you'll get a Crystal Key from her that can be used to unlock the real cave.

At this point, Ursula will already be unlocked for you. You don't have to do the rest of the quest, but it's required if you want to bring her out of the cave, and continue in the story of course. Merlin will also tell you that we need all the villagers to get rid of The Forgetting, including Ursula.

How To Bring Ursula Out Of The Cave

Once you have the Crystal Key, it's time to find where the lock for it is. Head out of the mysterious cave and go back to the Dazzle Beach main area on your right. Keep going until you reach the path that you used to come from Peaceful Meadows to the beach to find the required cave.

Once you're at the pathway, you'll see some pillars with a stone door on the left side. Close to the door, you'll see a black pedestal that looks completely different from all the pillars. Put the Crystal Key on this pedestal and the door will open.

When you enter the cave, it will trigger a cutscene showing the pathway being blocked. Go down to the first blocked door, and you'll see three figures of different colors. You can read the tablet in the middle to get a hint on what you have to do to solve this puzzle.

Essentially, you have to get three types of Gems and place them in the hands of each pillar. Gems can be mined from the black rock structures that are on the edges of each area. Sometimes, they show a specific Gem inside them, but even the normal ones have a chance of giving you one at random.

This process can take a long time if you get unlucky, but it becomes better if you're mining with another character who has the mining task assigned.

Here are all the gems you'll need and where to find them:

  • Peridot – This is a green-colored Gem that can only be found in Dazzle Beach and Peaceful Meadows.
  • Aquamarine – This is a blue-colored Gem that can only be found in Dazzle Beach and Forest of Valor.
  • Garnet – This is a red-colored Gem, and it can be found in both of the starting areas, Plaza and Peaceful Meadows.

After putting all the gems in their rightful place, the door will open, and you can head over to the second puzzle. Here, you'll have to show your farming skills by planting and harvesting a carrot, a tomato, and wheat. Keep in mind that tomato needs to be watered twice.

You can find the seeds for these at Goofy's stalls in Peaceful Meadows and Dazzle Beach. You might have to upgrade the stall using Star Coins to get some of these seeds. In the beginning, you already need to spend some Star Coins to get the stall functioning in the first place.

Once you harvest all three crops, you can cook Veggie Pasta with these crops at the stove in the next area. If you want to get the recipe for the same, mine the stone pile in the middle of this area, and it'll give you the required recipe.

This will take you to the final pond at the bottom of this cave where you'll see a yellow puddle. Use your Royal Fishing Rod here, and you'll get the Orb of Power. Head back out of the cave to place this orb in its pillar just outside. This will get rid of the dark aura blocking Ursula's cave.

Head back over to the cave to talk to Ursula, letting her go out of the place. Once she's outside, she'll give you another quest called Liar Sweet Liar where you'll have to build her home and finish an errand for her.

Firstly, you'll have to spend 10,000 Star Coins to build her home during this quest. After that, you'll need some paper, Dream Shards, and Purple Pigment to get the required material. After getting everything, you'll have Ursula's home, and it'll increase her friendship a little.

Ursula Friendship Rewards

Unfortunately, Ursula is one of the few characters that cannot come out of the water. This means that you won't be able to assign a task to her once you reach friendship level two, as you can do with most of the characters.

So, the only way to increase Ursula's friendship is by talking to her every day, finishing quests for her, and giving her the gifts she likes. Every day, three featured gifts will give you extra EXP.

The characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be upgraded to friendship level ten. Each of these levels unlocks a special reward allowing you to commemorate your friendship with them. Here are all the rewards you'll unlock on Ursula:

Friendship LevelRewards
Level 1Unlocks Ursula and allows you to make her home
Level 2Unlocks a nice shirt skin that you can wear on your character
Level 3Unlocks a white shell overlay that you can place on your customized outfits
Level 4Unlocks 500 Star Coins
Level 5Unlocks a witchy lamp skin as a decorative furniture
Level 6Unlocks a Trident overlay for your customized outfits
Level 7Unlocks 1,000 Star Coins
Level 8Unlocks a cabinet skin that you can put all around the valley
Level 9Unlocks a tentacle overlay for your customized outfits
Level 10Unlocks a beautiful dress commemorating the Sea Witch

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