Doom Eternal Release Date Revealed With Story And Multiplayer Trailers

Doom Eternal was announced last year at E3 2018. Gameplay and the grappling hook were shown off at Quakecon. It was announced for all platforms, including the new Google Stadia. Now, we finally know we can get our hands on the highly-anticipated shooter. Doomer eternal released November 26, 2019.

A series of new trailers for Doom Eternal boasted the return of characters like Dr. Samuel Hayden, locations like Mars, and weapons like the super shotgun, but also featured many new features. New weapons, bosses, characters, glory kills, enemies, environments – you name it. The press conference even revealed Doomguy will be waging war through both heaven and hell, and showed off new level design featuring in-depth platforming segments with a boost mechanic, pushing Doomguy through the air.

A gameplay trailer showed the boost in action during combat as well as new weapons, glory kills, the new wrist blade, a weapon wheel, and weapon pickups reminiscent of the original Doom. 

The multiplayer, called Battlemode, was unveiled separately in a new trailer, showing marine-on-demon combat. One fully-loaded, player-controlled demon slayer will battle two player-controlled demons of your choosing. The multiplayer emphasized strategy and action together in the new mode.

A collectors addition was announced alongside the release date reveal, featuring a Doomguy helmet you can actually, truly wear on your head, for real. The collector’s edition also includes a steelbook, lorebook, soundtrack, skin, and year content pass.

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