Dr. Disrespect Disrespects xQc’s Bloons Stream

Dr Disrespect, it seems, is taking his name seriously. The gaming personality recently took to Twitter to harangue fellow streamer xQc for playing Bloons Tower Defense 6.

As you may or may not know, xQc was recently banned from Twitch for stream sniping other players during a session of Fall Guys. Ironically, earlier this year, he was seen baiting an entire lobby of stream snipers during a different game of Fall Guys and admonishing those players.

The ban from Twitch was temporary, and xQc eventually found his way back to the site. The former Overwatch pro is known for playing a variety of games. In fact, his Twitter profiles show that he is even willing to play a game that is meant to help people type on a keyboard faster. So, it’s perhaps not surprising that he chose to play Bloons Tower Defense 6—a tower defense game where monkeys throw darts at baloo-er…bloons. What is surprising, is that he had 60,000 people watching him play the game. This is where Dr. Disrespect comes in.

The good doctor made a short 44-second video in which xQc can be seen in the background playing. Dr Disrespect calls the game “bloons tenacious destruction 6” and asks what, exactly, xQc is doing playing the game—although he asks this with a more colorful word choice. Alternatively, the reaction can be seen as incredulity that 60,000 people were watching the former eSports star play a cartoonish tower defense game.

Whatever the case may be, xQc responded in the Twitter thread, saying that Dr Disrespect needs to reconsider his “entertainment standards” and goes on to do a strange version of the Doc dance. Dr Disrespect is still banned from Twitch, and we still don’t know why. xQc was allowed to return to Twitch after a brief ban for the stream sniping incident but is still serving out a six-month ban from Twitch Rivals.

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