Dr. Disrespect Explains Bathroom Incident On Behalf Of His Brand

A few weeks ago, streamer Dr. Disrespect, who is known for exactly what it says on tin but probably with less medical knowledge than would assume with that title, held a stream walking around the E3 show floor. He went a bit too far beyond the E3 show floor, ended up in a public bathroom with the stream on, got banned from both E3 and Twitch, and may have committed some misdemeanors in the process.

The ban, at very least, ended after about two weeks. In the time he was banned, the streamer spent a lot of time on social media hyping up his return and joking about the ban, but notably did not actually apologize for streaming in a public restroom with minors in it. He instead took to Twitter today as Guy Beahm himself rather than as Dr. Disrespect.

“I’d like to talk about Dr Disrespect’s Twitch ban from E3,” the tweet said, posting a link to a longer message. “This was my first IRL stream as the Doc and if it’s not obvious by now, one of the things I try to stay true with is authenticity. Real life personas are so difficult to pull off, especially in today’s society. Doc is edgy, highly opinionated, cocky, etc. and that certainly adds to the difficulty in staying authentic without offending anyone on a deeper, personal level.”

Beahm went on to explain that he wasn’t thinking about the larger repercussions of what he was doing. He specifically apologized on behalf of the Dr. Disrespect brand and reasoned that the effective problem was that he was too in-character and lost sight of things like legalities. 

Dr. Disrespect is currently back on Twitch.

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