Dual Universe Announces New Year’s Stream-A-Thon And Plans For 2021

Video game studio Novaquark recently announced two important matters concerning its sandbox sci-fi persistent game Dual Universe. The first matter involves the studio’s first-ever stream-a-thon, and the second covers the studio’s future plans for Dual Universe and its beta player base.

The Dual Universe New Year’s Stream-A-Thon is a two-day event planned for Thursday, December 31, and Friday, January 1, 2021, and will be streamed on the Dual Universe Twitch channel. The event is currently scheduled to begin at 12:00 UTC (7 a.m. EST) “with a pre-show featuring Akanixon, Gaming Gothic and Megermajo.” Throughout the event, the live stream will feature various popular Dual Universe streamers, including “MarkeeDragon, TheMadRambo, Shamsie, and many others.” Each streamer will share their special brand of gaming entertainment with you, as well as sharing their unique gameplay skills and knowledge about the game. Additionally, the Dual Universe community has graciously donated numerous gametime codes and in-game gifts that you’ll have a chance at winning.

Looking further into the future, the studio posted A Look Ahead video (embedded below) on its Youtube channel, where you can watch Novaquark CEO and Dual Universe Creative Director Jean-Christophe Baillie address various future plans the studio has in the works for the game. Baillie begins with a word of thanks to the player base and to the new players who warped into the beta this year. They note that, for the last quarter of 2020, much of the devs time has been spent on “balancing the game, fixing bugs and exploits, and scaling our survey technology.” The recent update to version 0.23 helped greatly stabilize the game, and it was just the first wave of updates designed especially for that purpose.

Next, Baillie reveals a few features scheduled to appear in-game in 2021, including major graphical improvements, the new Missions System, organizational wallets, a major PvP overhaul with an accompanying energy management system, and territory warfare. Other important incoming features consist of automated mining units, an entirely new solar system, improved biomes and stargates, and many more.

The video is just less than three and a half minutes long, and as Baillie explains, is not a full list of expected features, “but an overview of the key areas where you can expect major additions.” Be sure to watch the video for the full details provided, and hit up the website if you’re interested in buying into the beta test.

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