Dungeons & Destiny Is A Free Reimagining Of D&D 5th Edition For Guardians

The looter-shooter-meets-MMORPG Destiny 2 has quite a lot in common with Dungeons & Dragons. Not only are there customizable races and classes, but Destiny features both playable dungeons and a killable dragon (well, an Ahamkara, which is basically a dragon). It’s no surprise then that a Destiny conversion of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition has been in development for some time. Today, the creators of the game have announced that the Player’s Guidebook has officially reached version 1.0.

Dungeons & Destiny is a completely free reimagining of 5E that is available on the D&Destiny Project website. There you will find the complete Player’s Guidebook that includes all of the rules, mechanics, and character creation tools your group will need to play Dungeons & Destiny. You’ll also find two other resource books: the Architects Guide, which includes a lore breakdown of the Destiny world, mechanics and descriptions for hundreds of exotic items, and rules for creating your own race. The other resource book, called Bestiary of the Wilds, is the D&Destiny equivalent of a monster manual and is full of stats and descriptions for Vex, Fallen, and even original concepts for monsters created by the game makers.

While the Architect’s Guide and Bestiary are still very much a work in progress, the developers announced today that the Player’s Guidebook has now been updated to version 1.0. This comprehensive, 194-page rule book has everything you need to start playing Dungeons & Destiny. The manual includes rules for nine classes, which include Gunslinger, Bladedancer, Nightstalker, Striker, Defender, Sunbreaker, Voidwalker, Sunsinger, and Stormcaller, each with three unique archetypes, just like Destiny 2. It also includes guidelines for the three human races, human, awoken, and exo, as well as five alien races, cabal, eliksni, krill, psion, and vex. Though if you intend to play a vex guardian, you’re going to have to come up with a pretty solid explanation.

On a Reddit post about 1.0, D&Destiny creator GoodGameKitty explained that there is still a lot of work being done on the game. The team is currently working on bringing the Bestiary and Architect Guide up to version 1.0 as well as adding art to the books. They also plan on adding stasis abilities sometime in the future.

You can download all three resource books as well as assets like maps and tokens, modules, and even a full campaign called The Abandoned Skiff from the Dungeons & Destiny website.

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